Steffi van Wyk-Brink Welcomes Her Baby

She and hubby Clint Brink are over the moon

By  | Apr 12, 2023, 12:31 PM  | Steffi Van Wyk-Brink  | Relationships

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Former Miss Namibia 2015 and Survivor SA, 'Island of Secrets' contestant Steffi Van Wyk-Brink, is a mommy! She and husband South African actor Clint Brink shared the wonderful news of the birth of their daughter who made her grand entrance on the 6th of April.

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Taking to Instagram, Steffi shared a heartfelt message to her daughter and thanked God for the safe birth.

"Thank You Jesus for new life. Without you we are void. When we are weak,
You are our STRENGTH. When we feel lost and afraid, You are our FORTRESS…
We will sing of the goodness of God," she started off her post.

"Gratitude fills our hearts for your love, support, thoughts, and prayers. We appreciate every one of you," she thanked people for their support.

The name of their daughter is Arielle Harmony Brink and she was born on March 6 on 06:43, according to the athlete and model.

"Welcome to the new Chapter in the lives of #TheBrinks , with baby Arielle being the product and centre of our love for one another and God. The sacred prayer of a God-ordained marriage. Where He set us apart for one another and has woven together our future in my womb, wrapped in abundant love. For a child we have prayed, and He heard. The awe that fills our hearts is indescribable. Our cups runneth over. Thank You Abba Father," she continued.

Her husband also posted the adorable picture of the two of them kissing their daughter.

He previously gushed over his wife of 6 years in a separate post, "God has been so good to us. So many things we’ve gone through in 6.5 years and to be blessed with a partner who is caring , willing to put in the needed work , who is supportive , present & a team player is not to be taken for granted. I’m not a lucky man. God knew what was good for me. I’m loved by Him , that’s why we have what we have. I LOVE YOU BABY."

Clint came through with a message on marriage and how one should and shouldn't feel.

"It is not the place to practice being selfish. It’s not a place where you should feel alone. It is not designed for the man or woman who wants to do life flying solo with the other only ever being a wing man. It is not the place to be intolerant. It is not the place to shy away from doing the necessary work to become a better you.

"It is not a place for those who seek perfection. It is not a place of shelter for the deceitful & untrustworthy. It is not a place for the lazy , the uncourageous , the prideful & the narcissistic. It is not a dictatorship. Sooner or later Marriage will make all parties come face to face with themselves standing naked in front of the other. That truth can be scary , uncomfortable or painful…but even scary , uncomfortable & painful things have value and importance," he said. 

"Marriage reveals what’s inside. Make it an experience that brings acceptance , healing , understanding , forgiveness. Make it a place where all your dreams can live freely , safely and authentically."

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