Our Best Moments From Somhale's Union

The traditional wedding has set the bar high already.

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 10:31 PM  | Somhale  | Relationships

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That moment that we had been waiting for is finally here. Somhale tied the knot last year in a traditional wedding and this year they had their white wedding. They promised fans that they would have the union on Showmax and they have delivered on their promise. 
While it was a buildup to their much-anticipated white wedding, it was an explosion of glitz and glamour you can imagine and beyond. Somizi and Mohale got hitched last year in their traditional wedding which became the talk of the town and had social media in a buzz.

These are our 10 Best Moments from Somhale's Traditional Wedding.
1. Breaking the traditional wedding rule.
Somizi and Mohale gave us a different narrative of a gay traditional wedding than we have witnessed before. With their strong traditional beliefs everything they did involved their ancestors and traditional rituals to bless their union. Somizi was introduced to the Motaung’s ancestors and officially welcomed to the family as a new member.

Mohale and Somizi.

2. No one is a Virgin.

It would not have been a complete episode without Somizi's hilarious and spicy remarks. While they were waiting to be welcomed at the Motaung’s family home in Kibler Park, Somizi said his patience was running out because he couldn't understand why they did not open their gates quickly. Somizi joked that he would have understood if someone one was a virgin between him and Mohale -  but said they have bonked more than sixty times Lol!!.

Mohale and Somizi
3 Somizi has an older brother and his name is Mazwe Mhlongo.
We learned that Somizi has an older brother who represented him from his father's side - his name is Mazwe Mhlongo. Somizi revealed that his brother was also on Sarafina with him. Mazwe is currently part of the Grammy-Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir and he won the hearts of Mzansi when he recited his clan praises during their gift exchange ceremony.
4. Somizi's Mom has their back.
Somizi’s mom said she has prayed for their union and that the ancestors are watching over them and they are forever blessed.


All roads lead to the second episode and we are already in our feels. You can binge-watch the first episode with us on Showmax.

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