Our Favorite Celebrity Proposal Stories

This is how their fairytale began

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Dr. Musa proposes to Liesl
We all love a good romantic story, whether we admit it or not and we must agree that there is nothing more romantic than a good proposal story.

There is something deliciously exciting about a man getting down on one knee and asking the magical question “Will you marry me?” The anticipation that follows as we wait for the answer is equally magical. Then there is the ring- how big is the rock? 

Although wedding proposals are not exactly a reflection of how the marriage will look like, it clearly is an indication of true love and makes for a really good story at family get-togethers. 

These celebs have some really good romantic proposal stories. Dear men, class is in session, this is what your madam wants you to do.

Suzy Eises and Medinho Henrique

There is something special about this couple which is why we can’t help loving them.

To begin with, they are both very attractive and also talented in their fields. While Susy Eises is an accomplished saxophonist, Medinho Henrique is an entrepreneur and IT specialist.
Suzy Eises and bae, credit: IG

The couple who dated for around 2 years before tying the knot first met at a church- talk about old school romance.

Now let’s get to the juicy part. Around November 2020, Suzy Eises’ sister had a baby shower. Her bae took this occasion to pop the question and she said yes. The rest, as the story always goes, is history.
Suzy Eises and Medinho Henrique, credit: IG

The couple has continued to serve as hot goals since then. At their wedding, Susy serenaded her guests with her saxophone skills. 

Some of the things that Susy loves about Medinho is that:

 “He is a positive, happy and fun-loving guy. Some of the things I like about him is that he is friendly to everyone, loves to laugh, has a great smile, loves his family and parents,”
Two things to learn from this, first, the church is still a great place to meet your better half. Secondly, you can never go wrong with a proposal at a family event.

Dr Musa and Liesl

These two South African celebs love story just gives us the “Aaaaws”

Musa Mthombeni who is a former Yo TV presenter star and currently a qualified medical doctor popped the question this year to his beautiful beau Liesl Laurie who is a model and  Miss South Africa 2015.

Before they got engaged, the couple had kept a low profile of their relationship which is why their engagement news came as a surprise.

The proposal took place on top of KwaZulu-Natal mountain in Durban, a spectacularly tranquil and beautiful place.
Liesl and Dr. Musa, credit: IG

Dr Musa posted on his Instagram a picture of him on his knee with a ring in front of Liesl with the caption “my girlfriend” followed by a second post with the caption:
"Here's my fiancé... Yes, I did come to fight." 

Liesl posted the same photo on her Instagram with the caption: “YES”

And that’s how the world knew that the two were engaged. Just lovely, right?

Amushelelo and Julieta

We have seen this couple go through ups and downs and come out great.

After a 6-months break, the two got back together this year with some serious relationship goals.
Credit: Julieta

They got engaged only 4 days after reuniting and got married 2 weeks later. In an instastory, Julieta shared their sweet journey of love:

 “Together for two years. – Broke up for six months -Got back together -He proposed after four days of being together -Got married 2 weeks after. I’m magical darling”

Credit: Julieta

Perhaps taking a break is not always that bad. If it helped these two to get them to where they are today then it could work for you too.

Betty Davids and Shapwa

The love birds who have a lovely baby boy together took another step and got engaged in secret.

The engagement seemingly took place at Spitzkoppe lodge and although we don’t know how Shapwa proposed, we know that Betty Davids was impressed because she said “Yes”

On her Instagram, Betty Davids posted a series of photos of her in a stunning red gown and her mystery man facing away from the camera. With the caption:

“A good man changes NOTHING about you except your last name 🥰❤️💍”

We look forward to the couple's wedding, which we predict will be lit.

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