Meet Michael Amushelelo's Wife, The Love Of His Life

He who finds a wife finds a good thing

By  | Aug 14, 2022, 03:21 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Relationships

Michael Amushelelo and his wife
Michael Amushelelo has been making waves for a couple of years now. The young economic activist first came to the limelight a few years ago as a flashy and wealthy forex trader before taking the lead in active politics and joining the Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters.

While Amushelelo’s professional life has made its way to the media, his personal life has also managed to find a spot in papers and tabloids. 

From breaking up and making up to getting engaged and getting married right before our eyes, we the social media in-laws have been in the loop of Amushelelo’s relationship and we are quite content.

Here is a look at the woman who is Amushelelo’s pillar of strength and ray of sunshine, aka, Michael Amushelelo’s wife.

Who is Michael Amushelelo’s wife?

Michael Amushelelo with his wife, source: Instagram

Michael Amushelelo’s wife is the beautiful Julieta Trincheiras, aka Mrs Amushelelo. Not much is known about the woman who stole Amushelelo’s heart except that she has been with him for a long time now.

According to sources, Julieta is a food enthusiast and a chef. She runs a restaurant called Cozinha Da Ju located at 23 Pavlov street, Windhoek West.

Details about Amushelelo’s wife background, childhood and education have not been provided and the story about how the two lovebirds met has also not been revealed.

Michael Amushelelo and Julietta's wedding

Michael Amushelelo with his wife, source: Instagram

After going steady for two years, Michael Amushelelo and Julieta broke up sometime in 2021. The pair did not reveal the reason for their breakup but that only made their fans speculate and make up their reasons why the couple broke up.

After six months of being apart, the young forex trader turned economic revolutionist and his then-girlfriend got back and this time they knew what they wanted and wasted no time.

Just four days after getting back together, Amushelelo proposed to Julieta and she said the pair got married two weeks later in August 2021.

Details about the Amushelos wedding are quite scant although it came to the public’s attention that Julieta had officially become Michael Amushelelo’s wife on 13th August 2021 after she shared a photo on Instagram showing her and Amushelelo’s wedding bands with the caption “Mrs A.”

Mrs A later shared another of her and her husband in a sweet embrace with the caption:
“Together for two years. – Broke up for six months -Got back together -He proposed after four days of being together -Got married 2 weeks after. I’m magical darling”. 
How romantic is that?

Although the lovebirds did disclose how their wedding went down, some sources believe that the two exchanged their vows at the courthouse.

Why the Amushelelos are among the best celebrity couples in Namibia

Michael Amushelelo with his wife, source: Instagram

Along with proving that their love for each other is real by tying the knot, Amushelelo and his wife have been setting some fine Couple goals that are to be admired and have ultimately earned a spot on the list of the most romantic celebrity couples in Namibia.

One thing that this pair of lovebirds enjoy doing is showing off each other on social media by posting pictures of their better half along with sweet captions. 

While most couples only remember to post their loved ones on their special days like birthdays or anniversaries, these two often post each other on random days, and don’t we all just love such couples?

Most recently, Julieta took to Instagram to celebrate her man who has been going through some trying times with the law these past few months. In a long post that accompanied a series of photos of Amushelelo, Julieta described her husband as “a hard working, driven, generous, lovely, considerate, respectful, non-corrupt, husband.” How sweet is that?

Amushelelo on his part always posts photos of his wife on social media each chance he gets accompanied with sweet captions.
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