How Julieta Celerated Amushe's Birthday

Being a politicians wife cannot be easy!

By  | Jan 23, 2023, 04:02 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Relationships

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Michael Amushelelo and his wife Julieta Amushelelo continue to prove to us why they are Namibia's IT couple. They serve goals all over the internet with their 'power couple' content and we love it!

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Amushelelo recently celebrated his birthday and Julieta showed him a level of support that left him in awe. Instead of spending it on lavish getaways or dining at expensive restaurants, Julieta decided to honour him by feeding the needy at an informal settlement in Windhoek. This warmed his heart as well as all of his followers, as they applauded the businesswoman for her kind heart.

He asked people to send flowersw to Julieta and not get him anything for his birthday.

"My wife decided to go celebrate my birthday, by going to feed the children in the informal settlements of Windhoek. I am blessed to have a wife that loves people as much as I do. Please I don’t want long birthday messages, I want my flowers so please send the money to my wife’s number +264818654362."

He then thanked her for being a supportive partner to Michael.

"Thank you so much @julieta_xo for being the most supportive friend and wife I could ever ask for, I love you so much my wife and thank you for going to feed the little ones my love."

Julieta responded by saying, "Always by your side my baby."

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Amushelelo is the Commissar for Economic Development at the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF). His career often gets him into trouble with the law and that sees him getting arrested at times. When it was his and Julieta's anniversary, he was behind bars so they could not celebrate it together. This made him see how strong Julieta is as she stuck by him in and outside prison. He then got Surprise Gifts Namibia to deliver a special gift to her. 
"I got married to my beautiful wife @julieta_xo on the 13th August 2021, our first anniversary as a married couple was on the 13th August 2022. I was in prison for our first anniversary and as her husband I couldn’t be there for her, those are just some of the sacrifices that my wife has had to endure whilst I fight for strangers whom I don’t even know.
"Today I want to thank @surprisegiftsnamibia as they gifted my wife this beautiful hamper whilst I was in prison. I will forever be grateful for their generosity as I don’t know them, yet they decided to reach out to me whilst I’m in prison on what they can get my wife and they got her this beautiful hamper."
He urged his followers to support the company "Thank you @surprisegiftsnamibia and I want to ask all my followers to please follow @surprisegiftsnamibia that’s the only way I am able to thank them, so I genuinely ask you from the bottom of my heart to just take a minute of your time and please go follow their page my dream is to see their page grow from 7k followers to 20k followers. So I am begging you to share this post and like their page because that’s the only best way I know how to thank them."
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