Amushelelo Gushes Over His Wife Julieta

"There are no words to express my deepest gratitude"

By  | Sep 06, 2022, 01:58 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Relationships

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Michael Amushelelo has been feeling very thankful for his wife Julieta who has been holding him down. The Commissar for Economic Development at the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) penned a sweet message to his wife Julieta on Instagram, expressing gratitude over her selfless act of fighting for Namibian rights and continuing the fight for Economic Freedom. 

He posted an image of her addressing scores of NEFF supporters and said he is battling to find the right words to best describe how grateful he is of Julieta. 

“I have been trying too find the right words to best describe my gratitude towards my wife @julieta_xo but there are no words sufficient enough to express my deepest gratitude for her giving herself selflessly to the struggle of our people, " he wrote. 

He then shared a quote by South African freedom fighter Winnie Madikizela-Mandela who shared the same sentiments as Julieta, which is to continue the fight her husband started. 

"I will not allow the selfless efforts of my husband and his friends to be abandoned.” 1962 Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. 

He continued, "I am pleased to know that whenever I go to prison my wife will not abandon our selfless efforts to ensure that we attain Economic Freedom in our lifetime." 
Julieta too once penned a message to her husband while he was behind bars at the Windhoek Police Station. He and several NEFF members engaged in a protest action in China Town and even threatened to close down businesses as well as operations. 

"I am honestly so proud and highly blessed to be married to such a hard working, driven, generous, lovely, considerate, respectful, non-corrupt, husband. You are and will forever be everything to me. Watching you be such a fearless well calculated leader has been eye opening not only to me but to all that follow and believe in you.

"There is no day that passes by where by I don’t miss you, but I’m hopeful and grateful that I get to go through this with you. There is no one else I’d choose besides you !! I love you coração. I hope you get all the rest you need cause when you come out we are going to make Babies."

The couple have been together for years and both share the same goals of seeing liberation happen among the black community. 

Michael has been dedicating his time in ensuring that black people put their monies and efforts into better use instead of just wasting it all on alcohol. 

“We cannot sugar coat it, the majority group (Black People) can seat around all day and complain about lack of opportunities and/or how unfair things are etc, or unite and start creating opportunities and generational wealth not only for themselves but also for their children and communities.

“We can’t just continue putting money together to buy alcohol, we must also put money together to build our own Economies.”

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