Amushelelo And Julieta Shower Each Other With Love


By  | Apr 09, 2022, 01:20 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Relationships

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Renowned activist and businessman Michael Amushelelo is known for his new found passion in politics and of course for his somewhat controversial business ventures. 

But his relationship with his wife Julieta is what has always tugged at our heartstrings revealing a softer side of him that many do not know exists. 

In the recent past, his relationship with Julieta has always been a hot topic on everyone’s mouths as many wondered whether or not these two lovebirds will end up together. 

Luckily enough, their love story did survive the test of time and to see how the couple continues to love each other is what makes us believe in love yet again. 

Just recently, Julieta took to her social media to gush over her husband Amushelelo and we love to see it. Posting him on her Instagram, she wrote saying that she was more than proud to have him as a husband. 

As if that is not enough, Julieta also posted him on her Insta stories gushing about how Amushelelo is always spoiling her and from the looks of it, what he is doing is clearly working because sis is in a beautiful lovey dovey mood.


“Comrade, my blesser, the one that spoils me everyday” wrote Julieta. Amushelelo of course reposted it with a more heartfelt message that read, “She meant to say such an amazing partner. She gets really excited when she talks about me.” 

Seeing the two of them gush over each other like that is really giving us all the feels but can we complain? We love love, and what these two have going on is without a doubt beautiful. 


Amushelelo who is always constantly in the public scene has taken an active role in politics and has been calling out some of the already existing leadership in the country. 

As you can already imagine, it is unavoidable for him to ruffle the wrong feathers and is always seemingly getting himself in trouble with the law.  

Just the other day, the activist sent out a strong message to his haters on his Instagram stories and we can only imagine it was because someone had upset him. 

“There is a specific reason you have a block option. That simply means anything that is trying to destroy your energy, you block it. Please tell people who are unable to see this message that they got blocked for being vibe killers…”  he wrote

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