Amushe And Julieta Go On A Break

"Please bare with us"

By  | Mar 06, 2023, 03:20 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Relationships

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Michael Amushelelo and his wife Julieta Amushelelo have decided to go on a much-needed break. Taking to social media, Michael released a formal statement, letting the public know of their decision to take this route.

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The Commissar for Economic Development at the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Amushelelo, has been in and out of prison for some time now fighting for Namibians rights. He recently got out of prison after being involved in a demonstration at the Shoprite premises after an employee allegedly committed suicide.

Keeping the fight alive, Julieta continued Amushelelo's fight and even spent her birthday feeding the needy children of Windhoek.

He has since announced that they will be taking a break from activism and will be focusing on themselves.

"We have decided to take a few days holiday break in the northern part of Namibia to rest and give each other attention as well as to visit our families and spend some time with them."

He even said that they will not be available to take any complaints until their break is over.

"We ask that during this break period we won’t be able to attend to any complaints or problems. We will be deep in the villages and won’t have any network reception so please bare with us," he added.

"We will announce to the public once our break is over and we will most certainly be back refreshed, reenergized, rejuvenated, revitalized, renewed to keep fighting for our people. The People’s General sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause."

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It has not always been rosey between Amushelelo and Julieta. "My beautiful wife has been by side through some difficult hardships and we still continue to endure hardships. In 2019 when our bank accounts were frozen and our assets taken she remained by my side, supporting and loving me," he said. 

"What hurts us the most is the fact that our bank accounts still remain closed and the biggest victims is Namibian people who invested with us. The government is claiming that it arrested and froze our bank accounts in order to help them. How do you help people by harming them even more? All our Project One Million clients can testify that before our arrest and freezing of bank accounts on the 10th October 2019 all our clients always received their money on time," he said. 

"However my point for today is that if you want to survive hardships, find yourself a companion that is going too love you through the good times and bad times, through difficult financial times and during great financial times."

Julieta as well gushed over her husband, "I am honestly so proud and highly blessed to be married to such a hard working, driven, generous, lovely, considerate, respectful, non-corrupt, husband. You are and will forever be everything to me. Watching you be such a fearless well calculated leader has been eye opening not only to me but to all that follow and believe in you.
"There is no day that passes by where by I don’t miss you, but I’m hopeful and grateful that I get to go through this with you. There is no one else I’d choose besides you !! I love you coração. I hope you get all the rest you need cause when you come out we are going to make Babies."

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