"We Can Both Cheat On Each Other"

Meriam on her relationship with her wealthy bae

By  | Sep 25, 2022, 06:20 PM  | Meriam Kaxuxwena  | Relationships

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Meriam Kaxuxwena was involved in a back and forth with a lady who claims an ex lover of hers is asking her out. It turns out that Meriam and the wealthy bae are still together but she revealed that they are in an open relationship. 
An influencer by the name of Cecilia Kandei, famously known as Toxic Gold, slid into Meriam's DMs to ask for her advice on dating a wealthy older man. Toxic asked Meriam if it would be a good idea to date him and she told her to go for it. 
Their exchange started off civil but quickly took a different turn when Meriam took offense to being asked such a question. Toxic said that she wanted advice on how to play the whole thing and not make it seem as though she is after his money because she is not.
An obviously offended Meriam put Toxic in her place. 
"First of all we don't know each other and we never spoke before or ever commented anything nice on my pics. You don't know if I've ever had him as my person so I'm just wondering also why you only replying to my answer after one full day. Or you were busy laughing at my response with your friends for your to come reply after one day while you been online all day. I don't understand females at all, " she lashed out. 
Toxic reassured Meriam that she meant no harm and asked her to not take things the wrong way as her question was genuine. 
"I honestly meant no harm or anything. I recall wanted to actually video call so I ask you face to face rather… from my view, we follow each other because we probably like the content posted. We had a small chat on my live and from that I just felt good with you and then you DMed me when you were here but that didn't go far. I really just wanted the 411 about him and I'm sorry I asked you."
Meriam then took to her Instagram stories to first of all apologise for leaking their DMs. She then added more details about how they are still together but their setting is more of an open relationship 

"And no he is not my ex we still together! We just have that relationship where by we can both cheat on each other but in secret! He loves me so much more than all you girls that he is playing with because he got no choice I'm far away when he's with you he only thinks of me ask the girls he's busy with all h3 talk about is me," wrote Meriam. 
She then shared a screenshot of WhatsApp messages between he and toxic where had saved him as 'Cashout 07'. 
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