The Maria Nepembe and Melvin Oduah Story

Nothing like an entanglement on BBA

By  | May 10, 2022, 01:47 PM  | Maria Nepembe  | Relationships

Maria Nepembe, The Maria Nepembe and Melvin Oduah Story

Maria Nepembe is a true embodiment of who Namibian women are. Smart, ambitious, talented, and of course beautiful are just a few qualities that the media personality possesses.

Before she became everything that we know her for today, Maria Nepembe’s genesis in the limelight began in 2013 after she represented Namibia in the eighth season of Africa’s biggest reality show- Big Brother Africa.

Nicknamed The Chase, BBA season eight was a memorable one, especially for us Namibians. Two of our favourite girls- Dillish Mathews and Maria Nepembe, represented us and even though Nepembe was evicted on day 35, Dillish stayed on and emerged as the winner.

The big victory aside, The Chase was not short of all sorts of drama and we can all agree that nothing beats a good relationship drama or a steamy romance.

After the season ended, there were reports that something was cooking between Maria Nepembe and Melvin Oduah but we never got to the bottom of it. Today we take a trip down memory lane and give you all the juice on what really happened between our Maria Nepembe and Melvin Oduah.

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Who is Melvin Oduah?

Melvin Oduah, source: Facebook

Before getting into the details about the Maria Nepembe and Melvin Oduah story, let’s first refresh your memory on who exactly is Melvin Oduah.

Melvin Oduah is a model and an award-winning actor from Nigeria who participated in season eight of Big Brother Africa and was among the finalists.

Oduah comes from a family of four and has a twin sister and a younger brother and sister who are also twins. Besides his career in the limelight, Melvin Oduah is an intellectual who holds a degree in Pure & Industry Chemistry.

What really happened between Maria Nepembe and Melvin Oduah?

Maria Nepembe, source: Instagram

During the course of the reality show, there were wild speculations that Maria Nepembe was madly in love with Melvin Oduah and that the only thing that was standing in their way was Melvin Oduah and Dillish Mathews’ “relationship.”

The speculations were wildly ridiculous and laughable because at the time both Maria Nepembe and Melvin Oduah were in relationships with other people.

Dillish Mathews and Melvin Oduah’s relationship

Dillish Mathews and Maria Nepembe, source: Facebook

Another wild speculation that made rounds during the BBA season eight was that Dillish Mathews and Melvin Oduah were more than just friends.

Again this speculation was baseless and not true. At the time when Dillish joined BBA, she was in a solid relationship with her now-ex Stephen Gaeseb and homegirl even disclosed that she was keen on remaining faithful to her beau back at home.

However, Dillish disclosed that if she were single when she went to the reality show, she would have shot her shot at Melvin Oduah and we totally get it. Men with six-pack have a way of getting women’s attention.

Who is Maria Nepembe dating right now?

Maria Nepembe has not revealed whom she is currently dating. She has however been linked to musician KP Illest as the two often refer to each other as “bestie” and gush over each other on social media.

Earlier on in the year, Maria left Namibians in shock after photos from her bridal photoshoot went viral and some people believed that she was off the market officially. 

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