"Don’t let a ‘social media’ smile fool you"- Luis Munana

Be there for your loved ones

By  | Sep 26, 2021, 08:00 PM  | Luis Munana  | Relationships

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Luis Munana has urged people to make it a point to check on their loved ones because even the strong ones break.

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He took to his Instagram page and said, "CHECK ON YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILY, especially the ones you think are “strong”. Everyday we put on a mask: ‘the brave face we show the world to signal that ‘we are fine’. Behind closed doors we battle feelings of doubt , insecurity, unworthiness and even suicidal thoughts.

Pray for your people , check in regularly for you know not what someone battles behind closed doors! Don’t let a ‘social media’ smile fool you !

From time to time, Luis talks about his plans of having a family and getting married and it seems he is heading in the right direction in finding the right woman for himself.

The media personality has set seemingly his target on Geneva CrowEats and we love to see it. Spotted Influencer Mag reports that the model went live on her Instagram account where she asked fans to send names of Namibia celebs, and she would guess what they drank.

"He looks like the kind of man that likes coming home from a very exhausting day at work and opens one of those expensive bottles of red wine and just relax," she said.

Luis was in awe of her response and replied, "Would you care to come and share a glass with me someday?" Although they did not say anything after the live, we are hoping that it went down in the DMs.

Luis is one of Namibia's most talented and hunkiest media personalities. He is often serving body goals on social media leaving, his secret admirers lusting. Although he keeps his relationship status private, he often opens up about wanting to settle down and have kids.

The media personality has achieved a lot since he burst onto the scene and he has managed to make a name for himself. His career has taken an upward trajectory and it is safe to say that every woman would like to have a hard-working man like him.

Luis just turned 30 years old and he feels the clock is ticking for him to become a father. He revealed that he wants to have a kid but he does not want to co-parent with someone he is not in a relationship with.

We were first introduced to the heartthrob on Big Brother Africa in 2014 and he became a household name with a legion of fans. Namibia was represented by him in the ninth season, but he was the tenth member eliminated. He confirmed his relationship with housemate Mira after the show. He then dated Tanzanian model Wema Sepetu, but that relationship ended as well. 

Luis has been keeping his love life hush-hush and at this point, no one knows who he is dating. He took to Instagram a few months ago to tell his fans that the clock is ticking and he needed to act now. By this he meant, he needs to put a ring on it and we cannot wait for that.

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