Introducing Mrs. Hamutenya

Inside Lioness's wedding

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Lioness and her husband Miguel Hamutenya broke the internet with their wedding content that we live for. 

Lioness officially became Mrs. Hamutenya when she walked down the aisle and said I Do to her baby daddy.
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Lioness and her man got engaged in 2020 and she decided to keep the engagement hush hush. She told the media it's because she wanted to keep that moment of happiness to herself. 

“I kept it away from the blogs and media because I had never been so happy to keep this joy between me, my family and friends. Yesterday, we solidified our blessings in front of the people that make up this foundation,” she wrote on Instagram.

We cannot wait to see the wedding pictures posted by the artist as she has been giving fans a build up by sharing some fire pictures of them together. 

It's refreshing to see Lioness gushing over her man. She once did on social media when she revealed that they met almost 15 years ago and went to school together. "You've always cultivated me, made me better, taught me hard lessons and painful truths. Your work ethic is unbelievable, and even though I had this drive, you made me want to push harder."
Lioness once asked a designer to create her wedding dress. Little did she know the drama that would ensue. Judging from her wedding dress, she probably did not use a local designer like she promised in 2021.
“I am just done. I am not getting my wedding dress done here. I am not wasting my time with Namibian creatives. It always ends in tears. Guys, it is your work ethic, you are not disappointing anybody but your brand. I almost, literally had a stroke yesterday, but I am really happy that everything worked out perfectly.”

The couple recently welcomed their baby girl after Lioness hid her pregnancy for 7 months. 

She debuted her baby bump on simply you magazine and captioned her cover photo, Lioness got featured on Simply You Magazine cover where she showed off her baby bump. "Thank you @simplyyoumagazinenam for allowing me to grace the April/May issue! Special thanks to everyone who worked on this project from the amazing creative directors to the team on the floor."

Lioness on the hardships women face in hip hop

"Being a woman in the music industry itself is just a struggle. You can dance and perform [for your life], but the award will go to the men – especially in rap music as it was previously dominated by men.

"It’s very hard as a woman to be seen as equally good or be considered equally as good. Similarly, being a woman in medicine, a woman in a previously male-dominated industry. Men obviously think they’re better and even the patients prefer to be treated by a man as opposed to a woman. And so, those really were the struggles that were similar in two different professions" she told Jet Club

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