Lasizwe Has His Eyes Set On This New Man

He is already thinking babies

By  | Mar 09, 2021, 02:54 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Relationships

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Lasizwe is not about to let a failed relationship get in the way of seeing and meeting other people. Baby boy has dusted himself off and has set his eyes on another prize. Who? We are waiting in anticipation to find out but it seems as though he is already planning a family with him.

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Taking to Twitter, he penned a sweet message to mystery future bae saying he wants to start a family with him, “I know you’re watching me. I know you’re thinking about me because I’m also thinking about u. I know you’re scared of me, you’re scared of the light that follows me. Our connection is magical and you know this. One thing I can promise u is to love and protect you wholeheartedly,” he tweeted.

“Take a chance on me like how you took a chance with your life and broke the generational cycle and became the first in your family to do so. Take a chance on us. I promise not to hurt you but guide you as my partner. I will be your Bonnie to your Clyde but only if you let me.”

He then continued by saying he is ready to be this mystery persons 'ride or die.'

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Main Picture Credit: Lasizwe Instagram Account
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