Tweeps Are Not Ready To Forgive Khanyi Mbau

Did she ditch Kudzai again?

By  | Nov 23, 2021, 09:20 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Relationships

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Didn't Khanyi Mbau already pay for her sins? Remember that time when she left her bae Kudzai, alone in Dubai? Although Khanyi said she never intended to hurt Kudzai and even after she apologized for it, tweeps are not buying it and they are not about to forgive her.

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A video clip of a man kicking a woman out from his car has gone viral. The man scolds the woman and tells her to leave his car, but she keeps on apologising. He then proceeds to pull her out from his car and the video ends.

This sparked outrage with women bashing the man for wanting to leave the woman stranded in the middle of nowhere. But this incident reminded people of the time where a man was left in Dubai worried sick and out of his mind thinking that something horrible might have happened to his woman or she left him.

Kudzai Mushonga went on several Instagram lives urging Khanyi Mbau to come back to him and even cried out and shown vulnerability.

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