J’Something's Love For His Wife

He shared a clip of song to his wife.

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | J'Something  | Relationships

Micasa’s J’Something and his wife Coco are one of our favourite couples, they consistently serve couple goals and we can’t help but swoon over their relationship. The MiCasa frontman shared a clip of himself on Instagram singing to his wife the sweetest song song we've ever heard from him.  He did this a few years ago when he was on tour.

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“So, I wrote you a song – another one,” he says in the video.

The musician tells his wife in the clip that the song is his way of sharing his feelings. If ever' there's been a couple that we adore so much, this has got to be them.

“It’s the only way I know how to express. Sometimes I don’t have the words when it comes to those conversations that you always want to have,” he says before singing the love song.

J’Something says he was “missing home” when he wrote the song.

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J’Something surely does not mind gushing about his wife on social media at every opportunity. 

His music also is one other aspect as to why people are drawn to him. He knows how to give a crowd a good time. In 2017, Micasa rocked the stage in Swakopmund and the fans went crazy. They were there to give the fans what they had always wanted and explore what the beautiful coastal town had to offer

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