Has Sharon Tjimbundu Finally Found Her Catch?

These two would make a lovely couple!

By  | Mar 07, 2022, 12:47 PM  | Relationships

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TV Sports Anchor Sharon Tjimbundu is undoubtedly one of Nam’s most eligible bachelorettes. And other than making it big on the screens, it is always so good to see her thrive in her personal life as well and we are here for it. 

Just recently, the media personality took to her Insta to set the internet ablaze with photos of herself looking very saucy as usual and we love to see it. 

What has caught the eye of her loyal fans however, was when she posted the photo of her and quite the handsome gentleman on her Insta stories and the two of them are looking all cozy and lovey the dovey with each other, 


The gentleman, who happens to be a local and also quite famous celebrity photographer, also took to his Instagram to gush over her in his posts and we have to agree that these two would make one beautiful couple. 

Fans have shown up on his comment section to give them their flowers, including fashion icon Luis Munana, who also approves of their absolutely amazing look. Now while these two have not exactly admitted to being together, even a blind man can tell that there is some amazing chemistry going on here. 

If you can remember, it was just the other day when fans decided to be on her case and ask her why she was still single. 

This was after one of her friends took to her Insta stories to joke about how she and Sharon were the only ones still single in Nam and this is when fans decided to question the media personality’s relationship status. 

“It looks like me and Sharon Tjimbundu are the only single ones now. Guess it’s time to start a cunt or something.  I swear water signs are not meant for a relationship, them earth and fire signs keep winning in the relationship department. CHOMI I think we to deep for the average person, let’s accept our fate, we are Samantha from Sex and the city.” wrote Abisai Lileka

Does this mean that she finally caved and got herself a man? Well, only time will tell at this point, because as far as we are concerned, it could be just an innocent photo of two good looking friends right? 

Well, you be the judge of that. 

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