Who Is Exit Rockaz's Wife And Is He Married?

Have you seen a ring on that finger?

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Exit Rockaz
David Shikalepo, popularly known by his stage name- Exit Rockaz, is a renowned musician from Namibia who commands a huge fanbase.

Regarded as the GOAT of Namibian music by his fans, Exit Rockaz has established himself as one of the best Kwaito artists, and with age, he just keeps getting better.

Rockaz who also dabbles as a businessman is also an attractive man and there is no doubt that there are some ladies out there eyeing him and wondering if he is single.

This article looks at who Exit Rockaz’s wife is, his baby mama, children, and a sneak peek into his background.

Who is Exit Rockaz's wife?

Exit Rockaz, source: Instagram

As of 2022, it appears that the position of Exit Rockaz’s wife is still vacant as there is no evidence to support that Exit Rockaz is married.

The artist who has always kept his relationships private shocked fans when in 2021 he shared a tweet saying that he was about to get married. It turns out that he was just teasing fans.

It is unclear whether Exit Rockaz has any plans of settling down and getting married but if he ever does, we will be here to break the news for you.

Exit Rockaz baby mama

Although not married, Exit Rockaz has two daughters from his past relationship with a woman called Magdalena Davis.

A few years ago, Exit Rockaz's baby mama made news when she accused the musician of neglecting his fatherhood responsibilities and instead of supporting his daughters, he was splurging money on unnecessary things.

In response to the allegations, Exit Rockaz denied there being bad blood between himself and the mother of his daughters.

He also questioned why Magdalena Davis had not taken him to court for negligence if indeed her claims were true.

Exit Rockaz’s daughters

Exit Rockaz with her daughters, source: Instagram

Besides making beautiful music, Exit Rockaz also makes beautiful children and has two adorable daughters.

One of her daughters is called Maria Lisa Shikalepo and she celebrates her birthday on June 25th. The name of his other daughter is Nghitendemufya.

Exit enjoys spending time with his girls who are slowly showing interest in their father’s career. The musician shared a cute video of his daughters dancing away to his song and the two seem to have taken after their father’s moves.

Exit Rockaz background

Exit with his mom and relative, source: Instagram

Exit Rockaz was born on 7 April 1989 in Oshakati where he was raised by both parents. He moved to Windhoek to pursue a degree in Media studies at the University of Namibia.

It was during his time at university that Exit met with Mushe and the two formed the popular Exit n’ Muche duo.

Their duo’s fame peaked on a high note and shortly after they started performing together, they were signed by Blend Productions. This opened a gateway for the two upcoming musicians to meet with other big names in the industry including King Tee Dee, Gazza, and PDK.

After a successful career as a duo, Exit Rockaz launched his solo career in 2012 and he continues to enjoy success even as a solo artist.

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