DJ Spuzza Shocks Followers As He Shows Off New Bae

Sorry ladies...the man is taken

By  | Jun 07, 2022, 04:59 PM  | Relationships

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Talk about moving on to bigger and better things. DJ Spuzza has shown off his new bae, just days after deleting pictures of his baby mama. He shocked his followers when he posted this woman and many were commending him.

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Just a few days after deleting all pictures of his baby mama, DJ Spuzza broke the hearts of many when he showed off his new bae. Many women might have thought they had a chance with the DJ, little did they know, he already had his eyes set on someone else.

Ladies were heartbroken when he posted this understandably so. 

Here are some of the reactions from his followers:

movashniii: "DJ Spuzza is dating Alicia Keys, nooooiiicccee my bru. I knew you had game."

adiwa.mahorns: "Coming to you as a woman sal nou begin." 

emjay_the_hype_mc: "Yebooyee, I love to see this my brother."

nandee__: "I can't breathe on this one, mina how ??"

kula_so_nice: :Seeing this just hurts me, thought I had a chance with this gent ouens." "As long as our brother is happy, and take good care of his daughter - we alright."

laytondonna2: "Hectic, she's pretty tho....mah I thought that's the baby mama etse."

The main concern of a lot of his followers was whether Spuzza would take care of his daughter or not. The celebrated DJ has a daughter who is a toddler and one that he adores. 

A few years back when he introduced her to us, he spoke about his duty as a father and how he is tasked with the responsibility of making sure that his little one wears her crown confidently. 
"Only a father can teach his daughter to value herself. He has to tell her constantly how precious she is to him. I sometimes find it funny how I always ask her mother “waar is die kroon” when she wants to take pictures of us.

"But this morning looking at these pictures made me realize I’m actually showing this Child how she should carry herself in the near future every time I put this crown on her head! Even with no understanding of life at this little age of hers one day these pictures might mean something to her!

As a person who grew up without a father, he said he is responsible for ensuring his daughter gets the best.

"I know nothing about parenthood yet but one thing is for sure Growing up without a father was hell for me especially when it came to building my character & sometimes at this age. I still look for that comfort guidance & protection of a father when I find myself in a dark place & that alone makes me realize that we don’t have to wait for our children to gain understanding before we start teaching them about how important self-value & how they should view/carry themselves through life’s challenges is coz truth is.

 "Tomorrow is not a promise especially in a world where young men are dying in these streets by the hour. The role of a father to our children & especially daughters is very important in their lifespan we need to treat, carry, show & show our children what to be in this life,"
he wrote.

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