How Kabza De Small Celebrated His Birthday

He had a blast

By  | Dec 01, 2020, 08:04 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Relationships

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DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small are the unsung bromance-duo that everyone should aspire to have. The statement is made in light of the Scorpion Kings having been formed close to two years ago. But despite the two spending so much time together, they still manage to maintain a health friendship.

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This past week, Kabza De Small celebrated what is reported as his 28th birthday. The fact that Kabza De Small is 28 years old shook a lot of considering how “mature” he looks. Kabza De Small has come under fire from social media users in the past for his “mature” look, despite his young age. Some have attributed that to a lack of beauty sleep, while on the other hand, it has suggested that his love for “bev” is responsible for Kabza’s incongruent looks to his age.

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Whatever the reason, it is clear that DJ Maphorisa did not want to touch on these matters that would mar the celebrations on the day. Therefore, in the first post wishing Kabza a happy birthday, Maphorisa was conscious not to mention the age. But Porry did wish his colleague and friend a happy birthday, adding love hearts to the post in a show of affection towards the king of the amapiano house sub-genre.
The post was filled with comments that corroborated the sentiments shared by Maphorisa. Kabza is not an avid social media user. Therefore if it was not for Maphorisa, besides Kabza’s staunch fan base,  then his birthday would have probably come and went with very little media furor. But because Maphorisa posted the auspicious day received the attention tweeps, who went as far as inquiring about a celebratory album from the two that release music like it is a weekly pre-requisite.
But it was the subsequent post that had people in their feelings. Porry went back on Twitter to showcase what he had gifted his partner in crime. DJ Maphorisa gifted Kabza De Small with a stack of American dollar notes. To put into perspective the size of the stack, imagine a brick and give or take, the stack was that thick. 

In the video, the funny guy, Kabza De Small gives words to what some of us were thinking. The gift is referential to what an American hip-hop artist would do for their friends, but this time DJ Maphorisa problematized the misconception and showcased that even a DJ can do the same for their friends.
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