DJ Dreas Asks For Advise From His Fans About A Girl Who Does Cocaine

Should he pursue a relationship with her?

By  | Jan 06, 2021, 03:35 PM  | Relationships

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DJ Dreas has taken to social media to ask his fans to advise him about a girl he could possibly date.

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It is no secret that it is common to hear some of our favorite celebs asking for advice on social media with regards to their love life because they keep everything under wraps but the DJ found the courage to.

In a tweet, the DJ said the girl is perfect, beautiful, and has a great personality but she's on cocaine and asked what he must do, "Yo majita, I need advice. This Hun is perfect, great mind, great personality, great everything. She's even funny, like Richard Pryor funny. There’s only one problem. She does cocaine. What should I do?" he wrote.

Fans replied to his post with different views. One fan said he must find out why she does coke and why before she decides. "Ask her if she plans on quitting. If so, how? If not, how she plans on maintaining it. Also, figure out her reasoning for doing cocaine. If you're satisfied with the answers, see how this goes. If not, bounce."

DJ Dreas is one of the country's most loved DJs. He entertained his legion of fans during quarantine through the 5-minute finesse challenge, a platform where Namibian and African musicians and creatives could freestyle and sing over a beat.

He has used his platform continuously to fight for Namibian women trying to put an end to Gender-Based Violence. Although the show was going well, it was suspended indefinitely. This follows negative comments from fans on Twitter about artists, who have graced the show.

The show was created to showcase the Namibian hip-hop culture at a grass root level, and it provided a platform for the relatively unknown rappers to showcase their talent during these trying times and secure collabos with other artists,

It was suspended after SA rapper Emtee, was bashed after he did not go live with the DJ. Emtee did acknowledge the invite and watched a couple of live sessions, but when it was his turn to join, the rapper had probably fallen asleep or switched off his phone.

This resulted in many dragging him. In a statement DJ Dreas released he said, amid all the controversy the show has been subjected to, they have decided to suspend it indefinitely. He thanked everyone who made it a success and supported it.

Career-wise he has scooped a number of interviews in South African leading radio stations, a pasta polana gig, he became a Standard Bank Namibia influencer.

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