DJ Castro Shooting His Shot At Uncle Waffles?

Well, well, well...

By  | Mar 24, 2022, 03:56 PM  | DJ Castro  | Relationships

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It goes without saying that DJ Castro is by far one of the most loved and well known celebrities here in Nam.

We love him for his awesome music, his philanthropic work, and of course for the great dad that he is, and we love to see it.

A topic of interest for many has of course been his love life which from the looks of things, keeps getting juicier and juicier by the minute. 

Ever since his recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Sendry, fans have always been pretty excited and curious to find out just who his next catch would be. 

Well, it looks like Castro may have finally let it slip that he wouldn’t mind dating SA’s female deejay, Uncle Waffles. 


Taking to his Insta stories just recently, Castro was sharing his normal day at the gym and while we were all gushing and drooling over how well toned his abs are, we could not help but notice the caption that he wrote on his post. 

Sharing a video of himself dancing and of course flaunting his delicious looking body, he wrote what seems to be a question that he has been asked before about whether or not he would date Uncle Waffles. 

As you can already tell where this story is headed, Castro answered saying “most definitely” and he is very unapologetic about it. 

And while it is still not clear whether he was just joking or mentioning the obvious, one thing that’s for sure is that the internet never forgets and that we will definitely be on the lookout to see whether he does decide to act on this “crush” of his. 

If you can remember, after he and his influencer girlfriend made a public announcement that they had broken up, Castro had released a statement saying that he was choosing to only focus on his art. 

But with this new development, all we are left thinking is, “Does this mean he is finally ready to get back to the dating scene?” 

I mean, Uncle Waffles is most definitely a great prospect, but whether or not they would make a great couple, that we can only leave to chance, or really DJ Castro’s efforts. 

Until then, be sure to stay tuned even as we continue to uncover the hot tea on what will happen next. 

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