Divorces And Breakups That Left Us Shocked And Heart Broken

When love turns sour

By  | Dec 07, 2021, 08:15 AM  | Relationships

Celebrity divorces and breakups that entertained us
Love isn't always meant to last forever, and that's okay. In today's culture, divorce is acceptable, which means there is no reason to force a relationship that isn't working out.

These celebrities were once in love with their partners, but the relationship ended in tragedy. We all know there's a lot of drama that comes with breakups, and it saddens us to see our favorite celebrity couples call it quits.  

Here are some celebrities that have experienced dramatic divorces and breakups:

Sunny Boy and Nelaolange

The news of their breakup came as a shock to their fans. The duo had been together for several years.

Sunny Boy had been accused of infidelity with several women, with WhatsApp and nude messages allegedly linking him to these ladies.

Their relationship was strained and as a result of these claims, and their wedding was called off.

However, the two have now rekindled their romance and are still going strong.

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Dillish and Adebayor

When Adebayor stated that he and Dillish were no longer together, their supporters were shocked.

The couple's breakup generated a lot of buzz on social media and a lot of different opinions. Adebayor was confronted by Dillish's supporters, who demanded to know why he had broken up with the social media influencer.

Adebayor did not take the attacks lightly and decided to reveal Dillish's deception and infidelity.

When she was on vacation with her then-boyfriend Adebayor, Dillish allegedly lied about a certain individual being her uncle.

He went on to say that he discovered her supposed Uncle was her lover at an event.

According to Adebayor, Dillish accompanied her alleged uncle to a location where they spent time together. Dillish, the social media influencer, stated she had no idea how she got there.

Dillish, on the other hand, cleared the air during a Q&A session on Instagram by claiming that none of them had cheated on each other. She told a fan that she broke up with Adebayor because he continued to embarrass her on the internet.

If the allegations against Dillish are accurate, she played her ex-boyfriend.

Enhle and Black coffee

South African ex-couple Enhle and Black Coffee win the messiest breakup of the century.  Since their divorce, the two have been at each other's throats, revealing their dirty laundry in public.

Fans are baffled as to why these two don't get along even though they have children together.

Black coffee found himself on the wrong side of Twitter when he revealed that he sent Enhle a lengthy message via email suggesting that they should separate and that she find a place to stay with the kids as he was willing to pay for it.

Enhle declined the offer. Fans were not happy with the approach Black Coffee took to end things with his ex-wife and bashed him for it.

Earlier this year the Dj accused his baby mama Enhle of not paying her bills. He said that he is still paying the bills in the house and that he does so solely because his children are leaving with his ex-wife.

Black Coffee alleged that Enhle was aware that the electricity bill was due but chose to blame others for her blunder instead of paying it.

He told her off and to pay the bills next time. Their drama never ends.

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Loyiso Macdonald and Simphiwe Mathunzi

After his wife stated in court that she was unable to move on from her husband's previous adultery, South African actor Loyiso was served with divorce papers.

According to court documents obtained by City Press, Simphiwe also indicated that the two had lost interest in each other and that their marriage did not need to be restored. Both parties had lost their mutual love and respect for one another.

From the separation, Mathunzi stated that the assets will not be distributed as is expected since they were married in community of property. Loyiso will get to keep his car and cover all expenses that come with it.

Loyiso had been accused of allegedly cheating on his wife with famous South African actress Zandile Msutwana but came out to deny the claims. 

Since 2017, the ex-couple has been living apart. 
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