"Stop Accusing Me Of Dating People!"

Dillish denies being in a relationship

By  | Mar 14, 2023, 06:03 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Relationships

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Dillish Mathews comes through with a message after reports suggested that she has a new man. The businesswoman took to her Instagram stories and warned people to not pin men on her and said she is still single. This after she was linked to a certain man who works at Old Mutual.

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Last month, a popular Instagram blog, Oma Juices alleged that Dillish Mathews has a new man who works at Old Mutual. Social media users trolled Dillish for not being able to pick them out.

Not helping her case, Dillish made it slip on Valentine's Day, that she is in a relationship with a mysterious man, but was sure to keep his identity low-key.

A few weeks later, Dillish has come out to debunk these rumours which the blog said they obtained from a family member.

"I have a bone to pick with some of you guys, this is the last time you will ever accuse me of dating someone on the internet. I told you guys I'm gonna start dating only when I'm 34. How old am I now? 32 that means I have 2 more years left, can you not count? Stop accusing me of dating people!" said Dillish.

"I will show you who I am dating, you know I never keep anything from you guys. I will gladly show you when the time is right. I am still single," she reiterated.

Dillish then said people should not pin people on her and told her potential baes to call her.

Oma Juices claimed that the information was obtained from a family member.

"On Valentine’s Day Dillish took us through the whole day but kept her dzaddy low key. So curious Omajuices went ahead and did some digging…Chile!
I got in contact with a relative who gave me the 411.

"Vati the two have been seeing each other for a while and have been low key with it. “They’re both crazy and wild together ” says the big mouthed cousin," reported that blog.

They continue by saying that he works at Old Mutual and a colleague claimed he is in a relationship with Dillish, "One of his colleagues at Old Mutual also reached out and said “Ek wil vir Rex eet chomi he’s so tall and handsome...too bad he’s with D-money”.

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