Maria Nepembe And Dillish Mathews Friendship Goals

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Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews
If there is something we all love is when women who have made it in the industry are genuine friends who support each other unconditionally as opposed to the normal backstabbing and name-calling that we are all used to.

One such friendship that we absolutely love is between two of our favourite girls- Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews.

Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews’ friendship goes back to several years ago when they were both starting in the industry. They have been able to stay friends over the years and their friendship seems to be getting stronger with each passing year.

Because we love Dillish Mathews and Maria Nepembe, here is a look at the timeline of their friendship and all the sweet moments that you might have missed.

Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews at the BBA  

A throwback photo of Maria Nepembe and Dillish, source: Facebook

In 2013, both Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews represented Namibia in season eight of the biggest reality show in Africa- BBA which was dubbed “The Chase.”

While we vouched for both our girls, Maria was unfortunately evicted on day 35. However, Dillish stayed on to the very last day and was crowned the winner of the competition- instantly becoming a millionaire and putting Namibia on the map.

BBA The Chase was not short of drama. At some point during and after the show ended, some tabloids reported that something was cooking between Maria Nepembe and Nigerian housemate- Melvin Oduah but that the two hadn’t dated because allegedly Dillish had a thing for Oduah.

Even after the BBA ended the two friends remained close and shortly after the end of BBA season eight, they were spotted together in Abuja, Nigeria. 

To date, they continue to be great friends who celebrate each other's big and small wins and milestones like birthdays, support each other through thick and thin and even work together from time to time.

Dillish Mathews and Maria Nepembe on Zuriel photoshoot

Luis Munana, Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews, source: Instagram

Along with supporting each other’s hustles, both Maria Nepembe and Dillish also love to support their other friends' hustles.

In 2021, Dillish and Maria Nepembe together with Zuriel’s founder- Luis Munana, did an elegant photoshoot for the Zuriel The Exclusive Fashion Documentary which was released on 8th May 2021.

Both Maria and Dillish rocked gorgeous dark green gowns with fine cuts that showed off their sexy curves.

Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews at Betty Davids’ wedding

Maria, Dillish and their friends, source: Instagram

The most recent event where Dillish Mathews and Maria Nepembe were seen together was during Betty Davids’ two-day wedding ceremony.

The talented duo shared pictures of themselves with their friends at the glam events and as usual, they both looked gorgeous.

On day one, Dillish rocked a sexy blue knee-length gown and matching heels while Maria wore a stunning long figure-fitting white gown and on day two, Dillish wore a gorgeous black dress while Maria wore a beautiful red gown.

Dillish, Maria Nepembe and their friends, source: Instagram

These two ladies sure know how to mix class with sexy in just the right proportions and they definitely both know how to capture the attention of a room, especially when they walk in together.

Sip or Spill with Maria Nepembe and Dillish Mathews

In September 2021, Maria Nepembe hosted Dillish on her YouTube Channel for a YouTube video dubbed “Sip or Spill.” 

The point of the game was for the two personalities to answer personal questions about themselves that had been pre-prepared by another person and if they couldn’t answer then they had to have a sip of alcohol.

Through the video, we were able to see a whole new side of the two famous personalities, their friendship, relationships, and even a few secrets about their bedroom affairs.

Here is the whole video that we are sure you will enjoy as much as we did.

Youtube embed

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