Is This Dillish's New Man?

Dillish did not spend Valentine's Day alone

By  | Feb 27, 2023, 05:15 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Relationships

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Popular Instagram blog, Oma Juices allege that Dillish Mathews has a new man and he is not a hit among social media users. Dillish's new boo is said to be working at Old Mutual.

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Dillish Mathews has not always been private about her dating life, but after a few public relationships, she kept it low key. On Valentine's Day, Dillish made it slip that she is in a relationship with a mysterious man, but was sure to keep his identity low-key.

Oma Juices revealed who his mystery man is and the information was obtained from a family member.

"On Valentine’s Day Dillish took us through the whole day but kept her dzaddy low key. So curious Omajuices went ahead and did some digging…Chile!
I got in contact with a relative who gave me the 411.

"Vati the two have been seeing each other for a while and have been low key with it. “They’re both crazy and wild together ” says the big mouthed cousin," reported that blog.

They continue by saying that he works at Old Mutual and a colleague claimed he is in a relationship with Dillish, "One of his colleagues at Old Mutual also reached out and said “Ek wil vir Rex eet chomi he’s so tall and handsome...too bad he’s with D-money”.

Taking to the comment's section, social media users are not feeling Mr. Rex Mutelo:

__ndina.niilenge: Is this him? As long as you're happy chommie.

willmah_1605: She’ve got a very fine and cute dazddy, I love her for that

enthralling.tory: One thing about omajuices? She WILL FIND OUT

shes_kovambo: "says the big mouthed cousin " after he/she gave you information.

charles_01fx: Caprivian Men winning as they should

just__tullie: No matter how well u hide your man's ,they'll find him

fiinaimmanuel22: The big mouthed cousin got me out

ms.nelulu: Matelo, Caprivian…iyoo that trip to Zambezi

prime__flower: The tea is always served hot here

hamunjela_kalenga: Handsome? you are exaggerating. He is ok

rauna_na: Hauaa guys  let’s just be honest

_thullie97_: I have so much to say the problem is my English

lameck_october: The devil works hard, but omajuices works 75 times harder🤭🤭 *inserts the uncontrollable laughter sound*

monzy_m: He is not's coz of what he can provide. Lets take it as it is. He will cry this one.

namibianvacancies: No Omajuices you not yelling as it is, that guy is my cuzen his name is Alebhekeoshdjdoahdkdhxnxhd because you did not read the name I’ll end here with my informations.. no wonder she always call that green dude Alex vs Rex

ko_kule: Hamba umaliwa vetu voko old mutual otavakanako paife? Okaana oko ndilo oko

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