How Dillish Matthews Is Spending Valentine’s Day

But details the return of her secret admirer.

By  | Feb 14, 2021, 11:33 AM  | Dillish Mathews  | Relationships

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Dillish Matthews in light of Valentines has been active on her Instagram and Tik-Tok showcasing that she was going to spend Valentine’s Day alone. The popular Nalebrity all-rounder prepared her followers with a comical video of her “in tears” over the fact that she is going to spend the day of love without having a lover to call her own.

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Closer to the date, she then took to her social again to introduce us to her Valentine’s Day partner. A partner that was imaginary except for the clothes he “wore.” But the video could also be understood as a subliminal for anyone that is interested in dating the beauty, as she listed the "qualities" that she is looking for in a man with the video.
While we could believe that Matthews is going to spend the day of love alone, there have been suggestions that she will not. Before revealing the most recent event, that suggests that she might not be spending the day alone, let us look back at the gifts she has received from her secret admirer. 

While she was still going through the aftermath of her breakup with Emmanuel Adebayor, Matthews began to share indicators that she might have a secret admirer.  The Cartier diamond necklace was delivered to the star, which she believed was in man effort to celebrate her birthday.  Matthews in her story revealed that she does not know the identity of the person, which then started becoming the trend. 

Then there was the pregnancy rumors

When the good sis shared a pregnancy calendar on her social media, it started speculations that she might be expecting a bun in the oven. Seeing that the rumors were insistent, the star decided to address the situation making it clear that people should not be trying to keep up with her. Adding a subtle jab directed at first US reality show family, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Soon after she continued to receive more gifts from the alleged secret admirer, and Matthews was not shy to share them with her followers via her Instagram stories. Despite skepticism that the gifts she continues to receive are from someone anonymous, even to her- fans and followers started to have their skepitism.

Hence when she took to Instagram to reveal what she has received from the secret admirer, it is hard to believe that this man still wants to stay anonymous. Dillish has revealed that for Valentine’s Day, she has received a bouquet of flowers and a gift of the latest iPhone model. However, the gifts came with a blank letter to continue the mystery of the secret admirer- Do you believe this?
Dillish Matthews' first gift
Dillish Matthews' new iPhone 12
Well, she wrote it

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