Does Dillish Mathews Have A New Bae?

They sure look cozy

By  | Oct 26, 2021, 12:44 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Relationships

Image of Dillish Mathews - Does Dillish Mathews Have A New Bae?
Dillish Mathews' recent Instagram story has fans wondering whether she has a new boo. The reality TV star was at DJ Alba's bash, where she was spotted dressed in a tasteful black ensemble, looking magnificent as ever. The bash seemed like a lot of fun, with Top Cheri surprising the DJ with a performance after rushing back home from Swakop, where she had travelled for a gig.

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Although many moments from the bash were shared and enjoyed by social media users, one photo of Dillish seems to have especially captured fans' attention. In the snap she shared on her Instagram story, Dillish is sitting next to Zambian-born musician, Paul Da Prince, in a rather cozy pose.

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Screenshot: Dillish Mathews Instagram story

Although her caption reveals nothing to suggest a relationship, their closeness and apparent comfort with each other in the picture was enough to get fans speculating on the nature of their relationship. One Facebook user posed the question of whether they were an item.

Screenshot: Facebook

The question was met with some excitement in two countries. One user commented "wooow", while another responded with "Awesome 😍😍😍". It seems that fans think they look good together, which is a good sign that people are rooting for them. We must say we agree that it's a pretty picture, but both Dillish and Paul are yet to respond to the speculation.

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If the two are indeed dating, it will be an interesting turn of events. Just a few days ago, the actress had shared some pictures of herself in bed with somebody whose identity she hid with a photo of Shrek's face.
Screenshot: Dillish Mathews Instagram story

In the stories, she joked about sending Shrek home to his wife, and teased that she was scared of his ogre wife Fiona, who could crush her in an instant. She joked that she does not like to mess around with married men. Or does she?

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Although her posts were funny, they raised eyebrows regarding whether it was all just a joke, or whether she hid his face because he was, in fact, a married man. Either way, she did reveal that it had been a nice one night stand. In light of the new picture, people are wondering whether the one night stand with the hidden identity could have been Paul Da Prince.

Recently, Dillish revealed on her Instagram that she had found love again after all the drama with her ex-boyfriend Emmanuel Adebayor.

Sharing a picture of herself holding a big bouquet of flowers, the entrepreneur shared that she was receiving princess treatment from her bae. She revealed that she was seeing a guy that had wanted her for 7 years.

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She, however, did not share with social media users who her man was.  The decision to keep her relationship lowkey makes sense, considering how high profile her last relationship was, and that she has in the past made it clear that she preferred to live a lowkey life.

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Whoever the mystery man is, be it Paul Da Prince or someone else, we are glad Dillish is happy, although it raises some questions regarding the one night stand she spoke of. We'll let you unravel this one on your own. 
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