Celebrity Break Ups That Left Us In Awe

What happens when love ends?

By  | Sep 23, 2021, 11:39 AM  | Dillish Mathews  | Relationships

Dillish Mathews, Big Brother Africa Winner
There's nothing better than following our favorite celebrities' love tales, but there's also nothing worse than seeing their love stories come to an end.

Whilst the lives of the rich and famous appear to be everything we dream of, watching them having to go through a public breakup brings us back to reality. 

Check out some of the most public breakups that left us just as heartbroken as them… 

Sally Boss Madam confirms divorce

After months of speculation, Sally Boss Madam officially confirmed her divorce from her ex-husband and music producer Kboz, in October 2020.

The artist shared through her social media platforms that she and Kboz had been divorced for a year but still remain business partners.

She added that Kboz was an exceptional father to their son. ''I hope this will finally end the DMs and texts asking me about kboz. He’s an amazing father and I respect him,'' shared Sally.

Sally and Kboz had been married for 9 years and although people had expected a messy divorce, they were both been very cordial and respectful towards each other during their divorce period.

Dillish Mathews And Emmanuel Adebayor

The abrupt breakup of Dillish and Emmanual Adebayor in July 2020 left a sour taste in the mouths of countless Namibians.

Scores of people slammed the soccer star for calling it quits with the socialite and the support for home-girl was nothing but tremendous on the social media streets.
The former lovebirds hogged headlines after reports emerged that Adebayor has scored himself a new Girlfriend and ditched Dilllish. He even decided to flaunt his new girlfriend on Instagram and set the records straight that he will not marry a "comedienne".

How cold can one be?

Following the reports fans issued out a stern warning to the soccer star, that he must not go back to Namibia to seek a relationship otherwise hell will break loose.

Sunny Boy And Nelaolange Iyambo

Namibian power couple Sunny Boy and Nelaolange Iyambo, called it quits from their tumultuous relationship, due to infidelity allegations. The couple has been together for so many years now and were about to tie the knot. 

Social media was set ablaze after details of Sunny Boy's alleged 'dirty laundry' was made public.

The rapper was accused of having too many side chicks. In a couple of screenshots shared on social media, snaps of his side chicks were leaked, including nudes and WhatsApp texts of his conversations with other women.

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