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Ride or die kind of friends

By  | Jan 05, 2022, 08:45 AM  | Relationships

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It is said that friends are the people in our lives who add flavor to an otherwise boring life.

 Having a true friend in this modern society should be considered a great achievement. The reason is you barely know who you can trust. 

A lot of times people trust in those they call friends and they end up stabbing them in the back.

Today we will look at celebrities whose friendships are the envy of many. These ones are the middle of the night and middle of the day kind of friends.

Maria Nepembe and KP Illest

The friendship between Nepembe and KP Illest has been a topic of discussion for internet users for a long time. The two never shy from flaunting each other on social media.

They have also collaborated on various projects that have left many talking.On Nepembe's birthday KP had this to say;

"It’s my ninjas birthday man. My main driller this one, a best friend from day and here to stay. I wish you all the best and many many more beautiful ones like this. You bring me and those around you so much joy and you are really appreciated.

Multitalented, multifaceted GIANT! A superwoman if I’ve ever seen one.Love you a million my best friend!"
KP Illest and Nepembe, Photo credit IG

Nepembe once came guns blazing at Top Cheri on Twitter after she made a post that appeared to disrespect KP Illest. I think we all deserve a Nepembe kind of friend, who doesn't let people disrespect us anyhow.

Still, on KP's birthday, she posted a photo of them together with a caption, 

" Happy Birthday best friend, for being the best to ever do it, I celebrate you today and every other day, thank you for all you do and all that you are. We are blessed to have you. I love you Kapaka."

Paige and Etjo

Paige and Etjo are the duo that formed ethnix. Since the two jumped into the limelight in 2014, there has been no looking back.

In an interview with Drum Magazine, the two narrated how they made a unanimous decision to drop out of school and pursue music, a decision that didn't sit right with their parents.

Paige was studying law while Etjo was studying accounts. After they dropped out they struggled for some time before Ambitiouz finally gave them a shot at music.

The group is however proud of how things turned out as they have created their own brand and have won several awards together.

2021 was especially great for the Ohole so Nice hitmakers as they had a chance to participate in the Russian Bear South Africa’s Ultimate Collaboration Competition.

The two have struggled together from day one and now they are basking in the glory of their hard work and commitment.

Luis Munana and Thomas Iitula

Luis and Thomas are not just brothers but best friends. In a birthday post made by Luis, he describes Thomas as his brother, best friend, mentor, critic, and biggest fan.

Luis and Thomas friendship has been a lifetime experience and clearly, they are proud of it. The two are way more than friends, they are business partners as well. Thomas is a brand consultant based in Windhoek. 

King Tee Dee and Nomvula

King Tee Dee and Nomvula are not just friends, but partners too. The two have known each other for more than ten years. In 2015 they decided to take the friendship to the next level by tying the knot.

The rapper and his designer wife are subjects of admiration by the way they gush over each other on social media. Their two Instagram accounts are filled with photos of them together enjoying beautiful moments.

Isn't it a beautiful thing to find your soul mate in your best friend? Tee Dee and Nomvula found each other, and they are doing great.

Lioness and Luis Munana

The friendship between Luis and Lioness is made quite special by how they flaunt each other on their social media.

They are always celebrating each other and supporting each other's projects. Lioness always performs at Luis events while Luis always cheers her on social media.

Luis was the first celebrity to congratulate the medical doctor when she bought a new ride a few days ago. It might excite you to know that they also are travel buddies.

Friendship is not just about helping each other and being there for each other. It is also about creating memories together, and these celebrities just know how to do that.

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