Bonang And Her Millions Are Inseparable

A prenup is on the cards for her future husband

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Relationships

Before we go any any further, Queen B has an important announcement to make. If you had dreams of marrying Bonang Matheba then you need to know about the terms and conditions of your nuptials: B isn't going into any union without a prenup.

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Bonang is setting the record straight after a follower curiously questioned how much Bonang's family would charge for her Lobola when the day for her to get married finally came.

While followers took turns to guess the would-be price for Bonang's Lobola, one of her male followers stepped up and made a list of financial suggestions for this year's Miss SA host to consider. In short, he recommended that she protect the fortune that she's already built for herself:

Bonang was definitely in agreement, but along with that she revealed that no one is getting their hands on her millions that she has worked so hard for that easily. She replied almost immediately, "Nah. My husband WILL sign a pre nup. Ain’t nobody getting their paws on my millions."

How did Bonang's fans react to this?

There's no denying that Queen B is a force to be reckoned with. From gig to gig, from securing a bag to another, Bonang takes every opportunity to get that extra coin. Fans even love watching her on the reality TV show she has, Being Bonang. Season 3 recently began and the question is, have you been watching?

Let's just hope that her overseas-based boyfriend is reading these tweets so that he doesn't get a huge surprise when he proposes...

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