Inside Betty Davids' Wedding Celebrations

Take a look at what went down on her special days

By  | May 29, 2022, 03:03 PM  | Betty Davids  | Relationships

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After months of postponing the wedding, Betty Davids finally tied the knot. Of course having just one celebration would not be enough for the beauty influencer, she had celebrated her special union with family and friends for two days.

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This weekend, Betty Davids married her husband Shapwa Kanyama in a beautiful 2-day ceremony. Pictures of the event were shared by her fan page, seeing that she went MIA and the decor by Precious The Planner, was phenomenal.

Attending the ceremonies was her mother Esser Banda, Maria Nepembe, and many others.

Her mother, Esser, said she was honoured to celebrate Betty's day, "It was such an honour to witness our daughter get married yesterday.  Happiness and love was the theme of the day. We're truly proud parents. We love Love!" she said, sharing a picture of her and her husband.

She then shared another selfie of them together at the wedding, "Had so much fun celebrating my daughter at the wedding party and it was amazing. I couldn't be more grateful for our bond, one of a kind."

On day 2, Esser wished the couple everlasting love and a solid marriage, "As we give blessings to our daughter to start her new journey, a married life.  It was truly a magical celebration. We give this marriage into God's hands, May he be the center of it all. Super proud to witness this union. Love conquers all."

Take a look at the festivities below:

Betty broke the internet and had people drooling for such a wedding or to even score an invitation. Here are some of the comments:

"I don't really care about the flashy and flourishing wedding of Shapwa and Betty what is important is he married his baby mama that's so emotional, a very rare situation in our era."

"Me posting all the upcoming weddings  with a caption โ€œokavilo ketuโ€ but this Betty and Tate Shapwa wedding must caption something like โ€œemuvilo letuโ€ 
We waited for too long oo." 

"Not Betty & Shapwa buying their own bow tie at the bow tie auctioning for 150k, and all that money is being  donated to the Women and Child Abuse Association

"Betty & Shapwaโ€™s  wedding deserves to be on โ€œOur perfect wedding โ€œ 

"It's really funny how y'all be telling people to stop sbweling  and "just start working hard and study" to be like Betty and Shapwa .. but y'all  are forgetting a major component  in life called luck and connections.. stop bulls**ting us when you are well connected." 

Betty had her bridal shower last year and her mother was so proud, "Journey to becoming Mrs. A celebration of love and happiness. It's my daughter's bridal shower. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and may God bless this new journey you are about to embark on."

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