Betty Davids Celebrates Matrimony

It was a beautiful day

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Social media star Beata Sekerete known as Betty Davids had a very eventful Saturday. She was not just slaying and looking all sorts of gorgeous, she came through dripping.

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Betty attended a friend's wedding and if we did not know any better, we'd say she was tying the knot herself. If it wasn't for the matching bridesmaid's dresses, she would have definitely outshined the bride.
Less than a week ago Betty was embroiled in a lawsuit case that she had filed against the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) spokesman Imms Nashinge and she won the case. According to UnWrap, he must pay N$60, 000 as damages to Betty after he insulted her.

This year, Imms trended on social media after he called Betty a prostitute. Betty opted to take the legal route in a bid to teach him a lesson. When Imms insulted Betty on a WhatsApp group called ED Global Africa Unite, he accused her of sleeping with older people, and he will now have to pay the money in monthly installments of N$2 000.

“You see the type of shit I talk about? Who is Betty Davids? A kid that is known for sleeping around with older men like Paul Shipoke, is the toe of people our government promotes. Next is Kaxuxwena. Normal people do not matter in this country. This is an indication that the useless investment nonsense in the presidency will be a serious flow. That Nangula woman"
he said.

Betty attempted to sue him for $400 000 at first, but he has agreed to accept a new amount of N$60.000. In early this year, he appeared in court on a charge of crime injuria filed by socialite Beata Siteketa, aka Betty Davids. The socialite filed a case of crime injuria against Imms, and the state claimed that Imms tarnished Betty's reputation. He accused Betty of being a prostitute and for sleeping with older men after he accused her of being a prostitute.

Early this month, Betty took to social media to remember her late friend Alichia Adams. Last year, Alichia died in a fiery car crash between a Royce Rolls and Honda Fit in Zimbabwe. The model was with three of her friends, Ginimbi, Karim, and Mitchell "Moana" Amuli, and they were returning from a birthday party.

News of their passing sent shockwaves across the whole world. Alchia burned beyond recognition and she was buried in Maputo, Matola after her family came to collect her remains in Zimbabwe.

The cause of the delay in her funeral was that DNA tests had to be conducted because they burned beyond recognition. In a touching Insta story, she wrote, "Woke up missing you a little more today my baby,"

Betty has been keeping a low profile lately, she posts on social media whenever it is necessary. She recently shared a picture of herself with her husband Shapwa and it looks like they were on holiday.

In the picture, the couple is standing in front of a safari vehicle and they were looking cute together. Although she still makes sure that his face is blurry as she does not want the public to see him. Betty she never shies away from showing love to him she often posts sweet messages gushing about him.

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