New Couple Alert? Top Cheri Comes Clean

Can you believe this?

By  | Apr 22, 2021, 04:08 PM 

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Top Cheri and Manxebe have found themselves topping the Twitter trends list. This follows after pictures of them sleeping in one bed, have surfaced on social media.

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A fake Instagram account of a social media user whose Instagram handle is  @girlnextdoor tagged Nalebrity in a post and other online celebrity news platforms, where they shared a Whatsapp conversation seemingly of Manxebe's girlfriend telling a friend about how shocked she is that Manxebe is apparently cheating on her with Top Cheri.

In the screenshot pictures of the pair in bed were shared leaving fans shook. The pictures were seemingly taken by Manxebe whilst Top Cheri was asleep.

The pictures have since gone viral on social media raising eyebrows on whether the two have been having a secret affair behind closed doors. This however seems to be another publicity stunt as the two artists were recently shooting an album cover of their upcoming album.

This was confirmed by a video shared on social media where the two artists confirm that it was indeed an album cover shoot.

Fans have been having a field with the artists on social media reacting to their pictures.

"The main story aside, are we gonna ignore the fact that the friend said she won't send anyone, and now it's all over social media?"
"Am so disappointed"
"Fame comes with pain and zero freedom to your natural right and you will be left at the messy of meeting strangers expectations on how you should live your very own life...@Top_Cheri and  @manxebe  don't owe any of you a damn explanation."
"Mission accomplished boy, u indeed like her and have proven that "
Top Cheri recently debunked rumors that she and Exit are dating. This comes after a fan asked on Instagram after she hosted a QandA session with her followers.

Top Cheri has also been accused of being in a relationship with Exit. Recently she decided to put those rumors to rest. This follows after she hosted a Q&A session on Instagram and she was inundated with questions about her relationship status with Exit.

Replying to a fan who asked her whether they are dating, she simply said they are friends, ‘Before this even gets out of hand! Beloveds Exit and I have always only been friends and nothing else… the love songs is simply just music. Exit is practically my brother… I can’t see him as anything else. He protects me and loves me but that’s only coz I’m fam.’

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