New Beef Alert? Lioness Claps Back At Top Cheri

Is Top Cheri sub-tweeting Lioness?

By  | Dec 31, 2020, 10:56 AM 

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It seems there is a new celebrity beef alert in the Namibian entertainment industry and this time around, it is insinuated by Top Cheri.

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As we prepare to usher into 2021 in style. Many people have New Year's resolutions of canceling fake friends, family and even cutting ties with toxic people and it seems Top Cheri wants to address someone before she welcomes 2021.

Her state of address started when Top Cheri seemingly sub-tweeted Lioness on Twitter. Top Cheri seemingly claims that Lioness offered to hire her former manager because she assumed that her manager is the one who is doing wonders for her in her illustrious career but said it is not her manager but her.

"My Colleagues will c sum1 working for me and they start making the person offers a hiring them for this an that ... assuming that’s the person “doing the things”! They never get the results! cos the person “doing the things” is ME!  Hire me and my God dzarling," she wrote.

Lioness caught wind of her tweet and shuu, sis did not let it slide. The rapper clapped back and said if she is mature enough she will address her off Twitter. Lioness debunked the allegation that she hired Top Cheri's manager and said her manager is the one who came to her.

"If you have an issue with me you contact me! What will subtweeting get you? No Monica! That’s not the type of relationship we have! You need to stop. I never offered to hire your manager. He came to me! But if you’re mature enough to deal with it off Twitter let me know!" she wrote.
Lioness further asked her if she thinks her fame came after she lost her manager but sis has not responded. The two have been doing well in the Namibian music industry.

To say Top Cheri has been making boss moves would be an understatement. The musician is closing off the year how she started it- winning! Top Cheri has been raising the bar high in the local music scene since she shot fame. With her latest album titled Tithe, she is definitely cementing herself as Namibia's favorite female rapper.

Liones has also had a tremendous year. She had solidified herself as a respected female rapper in the country. This year she dropped an album, celebrated her 1 year anniversary with her partner and she launched a clothing brand.

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