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By  | Aug 12, 2021, 09:28 AM 

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Social media influencer Nelaolange Iyambo, has recounted her high school days and the challenges she faced while studying.

The influencer who is Sunny Boy's baby mama has captured the hearts of many people with her content on Instagram. Nelaolange penned a heartfelt message about the challenges she faced in high school and how she was ridiculed by society. "Despite the humiliation, I faced at the hands of gossip and teasing by a judgemental society, I was able to sit through my grade 12 exams and was very successful in passing,"

She says she was looked down on by many at the time, including her unsupportive family, but she worked hard to achieve her dreams. "I look back on all the challenges I've faced including an unsupportive family at the time, being looked down on, seeing my class peers progress, while I stayed behind to mother my child. Though my dreams seemed to be on hold, they were never completely washed away. I took accountability, worked hard at securing a job that I made sure paved for me a career and the opportunity to further my studies."

Nelaolanger recently announced that she has graduated and she didn't reveal what she was studying. She said it saddens her that her late parents are not here to witness her accomplishments.

"To my mom & dad who has left us last year... I've worked super hard the past 3 years to bring you this accomplishment. It saddens me that you are no longer here through your standing ovation is heartfelt. This one is for Meme Ndahafa, Kuku Helena & Tate Zee!!!"

She concluded by encouraging those facing challenges in life not to give up. "As the old adage goes: “The race is not for the swift, but for those who endure to the end”. While time waits for no man, it also never runs out and many, myself included can testify. May I remind & encourage all teenage mothers, single mothers or fathers, individuals in disadvantaged circumstances who are currently feeling the pressures of life's hurdles, that those are merely temporary detours. There isn't one thing you can't do and there isn't one person who can stop you. P E R S E V E R E."

At the age of 30, Nelaolange has achieved a lot in her life. She recently bought herself a fancy ride and took to social media to celebrate her purchase.

She also celebrated her 30th birthday this year and penned the sweetest message to herself, "I am officially 30! Parties will come and go, but the memories remain in our hearts. This birthday celebration was the most beautiful of my life, which I shall cherish forever. Thanks to all my friends & family for attending and creating a lifetime of memories with me."

2020 was also not a good year for her as she lost her parents. Her father died at the beginning of the year. Her mother passed on in November 2020. In a post, she shared how hard it was, to process her grief "How does life continue without a mother. With each passing day, the reality hits harder. Our safety net is no more. Home is no more. If you ask me about pain, I'll tell you about pain because I know pain first hand. This is truly the hardest battle we have ever had to fight." she shared.

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