Namibian Celebs With Degrees

You will be shocked how educated they are

By  | May 20, 2021, 01:14 PM 

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Education is the key in life and we often get inspired when we find out that our favorite celebrities are educated and have numerous degrees under their belts.

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It always is inspiring to see our celebs following their dreams and judging by how fickle this industry is, it is important to have a degree so that you can pursue other opportunities.

The industry is known for being quite unstable and job opportunities are scarce hence many celebrities take their education series and pursue their qualifications. We've rounded up a list of our renowned celebrities who earned their degrees in different careers they pursued and proved that you can do make it in life regardless of where you come from.

1. Chikune.

The musician turned doctor recently took to announce that she bagged herself a doctorate in medicine and we could not be more proud of her.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram account, she reflected back on how she remained positive throughout her studies, "FINAL RESULTS ARE IN! I PASSED FAM, OUR CHIKU IS OFFICIALLY A WHOLE DOCTOR!! Today I looked back at my life thus far, and I noticed how much of a double life I have led during my studies.

"From my first Broadway musical when I was a 1st year Med student, all just to make some pocket money to try and support myself, to have the greatest fight between what my heart wanted and what I had to do it for my family ... But I was determined to do both and I can sleep knowing that I have achieved a lot by just believing in God's path for me, "
she wrote.

2 Lioness.

She is the epitome of #BllackGirlMagic. The rapper and doctor has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree. She obtained her degree at the University of Namibia in 2018.

3. Betty Davids

The stunner is blessed with both beauty and a sharp mind. Betty gained popularity with her sizzling Instagram content and she is a mother of one who is set to walk down the aisle soon.

Betty apparently is a Financial officer at a German Non-Profit Organisation called GIZ. She has a Masters in Law from UNAM, Master of Law in Commercial Law from the University of Cape Town among many other qualifications. Last year shared a snap from her graduation ceremony and fans congratulated her.

4. Luis Munana.

He is often referred to as the jack of trades in the industry. After his matric, Luis obtained a B. Tech Degree in Financial Information.

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