Namibia's Favourite DJ Revealed

This DJ really knows how to rock turntables

By  | May 11, 2021, 04:38 PM 

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It is no secret that Namibia is blessed with the best DJs ever. These top DJs have earned all the respect and recognition they deserve for leaving mesmerized by their musical talent and entertaining them.

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Whether they play timeless or recent hits they will surely get you sweating on the dance floor. While some see Deejaying as a passion these DJs have made a name for themselves in the industry and have cemented themselves as one of the country's top DJs who make a living out of rocking the turntables

We ran a poll on Twitter on who is the country's favorite DJ. The list includes the likes of DJ Alba. DJ Seboa, DJ Dreas, and DJ Castro.

1. DJ Alba.

The DJ is the first female DJ of Namibia. DJ Alba has won the hearts of many people with her passion for deejaying. Sis has been a force to be reckoned with, since she rose to fame. Her career has created a name for herself in the industry and she has gained a huge social media following.

She is also an entrepreneur who owns the House of Nalo, where she sells accessories. Homegirl kicked off her career in 2012 and she has never looked back. The DJ has played in several places across the country and whenever she plays she rocks the turntables.

2. DJ Castro.

The DJ is one of the country's top male DJs. He is an ambassador and a philanthropist of note. He released his album in 2019 and bagged an award at the Simply You Magazine Awards in 2019 and he took to social media to thank his supporters.

"Just wanna take this time to thank everyone that contributed to my career. This year is unforgettable, at the age of 22 I got my first award and in 2 weeks I will be dropping my first album. Ohh Bra God, Iā€™m very grateful! I have a feeling so much will change after dropping," he shared. The DJ has worked with the likes of Stefan Ludik and he is surely destined for success as he keeps on climbing the ladder of success rapidly.

3. DJ Dreas.

The DJ gained a lot of popularity with his #5MinFinesse virtual show last year. In 2019, he graced the Red Bull studios in South Africa, to record music where he was also put on a program to learn more about producing music.

4. DJ Seboa.

The DJ has been working hard to cement herself as one of the country's top female DJs. DJ Seboa who recently turned 30 years old, is known for her bangers and she never ceases to amaze her fans with good music.

Following our poll, the vote came in flooding and 40% voted for DJ Alba, which means that she is Namibia's favorite DJ
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