"My Heart Is So Broken"- TopCheri

You won't believe what has happened!

By  | Jun 29, 2021, 11:25 AM 

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Performing artist TopCheri has taken to Twitter to express her feelings regarding her cousin rekindling her relationship with her ex-partner and she is worried about this.

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TopCheri has a reputation for always being open with everything that goes down in her life, whether it's about her family or her personal life, she leaves her followers glued to her social media outlets with her posts.

Her recent tweet reveals that her cousin and her ex have rekindled their love. The man had previously left her for the love of his life though they have since broken up and he has returned to her cousin.

As a result of her tweet, a conversation arose about how complicated love is, and many of her followers shared their opinions on her cousin rekindling her love, and I'm sure some of her followers took note of their comments

Most of her followers said she is head over heels in love with her man and not even one person can separate them.
Back in February, TopCheri landed herself in hot water after he added her two cents in a sensitive subject. Her tweet left many people foaming at the mouth after alleging that most Namibian women are married to gay men.

"One day we should talk about how so many Namibian Women are married to Gay Men. Especially there by my people ... they get married to peopleโ€™s daughters so they can hide behind โ€œwife and kidsโ€. Hou julle op ! Free peopleโ€™s daughters .. One day is not today nande," she tweeted.

Her tweet ignited a heated debate on Twitter and she was silenced by users. Her Twitter followers went as far as calling her homophobic and questioned her judgment.

They told her to delete the tweet. Although some came to her rescue and said there was nothing wrong with her tweet she was merely expressing her opinions.

"I don't know why Top Cheri is attacked for airing her opinion, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and it's not like she's directing on a specific individual. And why include her music career, she's not singing about it," someone commented.

They outed her as homophobic and she strongly denied it, stating that she may be many things, but she isn't homophobic. The artist had to defend herself against a lot of these tweeps.

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