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The Entertainment industry can be summarized as a dog-eat-dog world. Celebs are constantly competing and dissing each other on social media leaving us with no choice but to stay glued to our cellphone screens to watch as all the drama unfolds.

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These famous feuds include name shaming, dragging each other, and dramatic catfights. Some do it for clout but some say it with their chests. We take a look at famous feuds that kept us all entertained in our timelines.

1. Dillish and Meriam

The two have always been on everyone's lips following the drama that unfolded between them. Dillish and Meriam went from being friends to sworn enemies and the source of the beef included a man.

This came after Meriam updated her status telling Dillish to wear the MK Lingerie that she bought from her when sleeping with soccer player Adebayor. MK claimed Adebayor spent a night in her bed in London.

“I hope Dillish wore the MK lingerie that she bought from me two years ago when she’s with her soccer player in bed because that’s the same lingerie I wore when I slept in the same bed with Adebayor in London. I didn’t fvxk him that night. Remind her that I met him before she did.” she said. Dillish and her friend allegedly had a heated confrontation with her and since then they have not on speaking terms.

2. Kaboy and Manxebe.

Kaboy recently took a swipe at Manxebe and publicly challenged him. He said if Manxebe is better than him then they must meet in the studio. He also mocked him about his car, this follows after Manxebe recently shared that throughout his successful music career, he has been able to acquire two cars.

3. Lioness and TopCheri

The two exchanged tweets after TopCheri subtweeted Lioness claiming that Lioness had offered to hire her former manager.

Lioness replied to her by saying "If you have an issue with me you contact me! What will subtweeting get you? No Monica! That’s not the type of relationship we have! You need to stop. I never offered to hire your manager. He came to me! But if you’re mature enough to deal with it off Twitter let me know!" she wrote.

4 Young T.

The musician dissed a couple of artists including King Tee Dee, Sunny Boy, KP Illest, Dion from PDK,Exit, Sunny Boy, D Kandjafa.

In a short clip of Young T rapping in-studio, he called King Tee Dee ''Queen Tee Dee". "Queen Tee Dee he knows I am a f*cking rider'' he rapped in the video.

5 TopCheri and Maria Nepembe.

Their feud started after TopCheri seemingly dissed KP Illest. This came after he replied to a post with a picture of two rappers, one of them being KP Illest, with the caption asking people who their favorite rapper was. Top Cheri quoted the tweet stating ‘You guys must stop playing’ followed by laughing emojis.

Maria defended KP Illest and told her that she would also not like the same energy she is giving KP Illest. "Some clarity, we are allowed to have our faves. U can prefer the one without using such a belittling & undermining tone on the other. You are a musician and u know how unhealthy & toxic the comparison game is? U wouldn’t want it done to u so why do it to others? Best friends eve,"

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