Why Big Mich Cut Ties With Character Oucie Regulinde

It proved to be the hardest decision he had to take

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Mich Gaoseb 

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Mich Gaoseb, also known as Big Mich, recently had to drop his character Oucie Regulinde because of an incident that affected his son at school. In a lengthy Facebook post which details why the comedian had to part ways, suggests that his son played a major role in the decision made.

His friends were mocking his father, Mich because of him imitating the female character and dressing up as her. They would name call Mich and that took its toll on his son. He had to decide whether to continue entertaining his fans or the well-being of his son, as he was loosing friends.  

In the post he says,

"As a father I had to make a choice to entertain you or to educate my boy...and I chose to be on his side cause he is not ready , my character had so much promising future and money for me, but my boys development as a human and as a man is more important to me as a parent."

He then further added the support his son gives him is more than enough for him and made the decision much easier. 

"I chose to cut the character with a pending theater play and movie that was sponsored fully close to 400k and my girl left me and said I am stupid and left me but he stood by me to date and that's all I needed ,my offspring pushing me,he is too young to understand this things but if I had made a different choice I would have risked destroying his life."

Oucie Regulinde is a character he designed to commemorate his late sister. It was an emotional decision he chose as he helped people witness his sister through him. A truly remarkable father!

Read the full social media post below.

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Picture credit: Facebook (Mich Gaoseb) 
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