Meriam Kaxuxwena Cannot Wait For Coronavirus To Go Away

The model miss working in China

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Meriam Kaxuxwena 

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Multitalented beauty queen and entrepreneur Meriam Kaxuxwena has weighed in, on the impact that the outbreak of coronavirus virus has in her illustrious career. The model who has made a mark for herself in the modelling space across the globe revealed that her first cheque in US dollars was from China.

said in 2014, she bagged 2 awards in China and, she has always loved working in the country because the people there are workaholics. It is no secret that Chinese people are multifaceted and work really hard, this even came to light when they built a coronavirus hospital in 10 days.

Meriam said when she works in the country she always returns home handful after being showered with gifts. The model said she can not wait for the deadly virus to go away so that she can go back to China, she said: "I miss China can’t wait for Coronavirus to go away."
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Clearly sis cannot wait to secure the bag again. The outbreak of the virus has resulted in a lockdown and shutting down of several businesses in several countries. Some countries have even implemented a travel ban to avoid holidaymakers who are already infected from spreading the virus.

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