Meriam Kaxuxwena Hangs With Floyd Mayweather

Here is what they got up to

By  | Apr 17, 2021, 09:34 AM 

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Meriam Kaxuxwena has proven to us once again that she is a gone girl! Ever since baby girl relocated abroad she has been living her best life and rubbing shoulders with the American elite and she continues to unlock new levels in her illustrious career.

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The model had everyone eating out the palm of her hand when she took to her Instagram page to brag about hanging out with an international boxer we all love. Meriam posted a picture of her with American boxer Floyd Mayweather with a caption that read "Hanging out with my rich friend @floydmayweather."

The two were attending a party and the model also took to her Instagram stories to share a video of Mayweather and Jamie Fox gracing their presence at the party and it seems they really had a good time.

Merriam is no stranger to meeting influential people. In 2020 she met a viral social media chef known as Burak Özdemir.

The celebrity chef is known for uploading gastronomic delights on his social media platforms and has millions of views on most of his posts. Meriam who was very excited to meet the celebrity chef from Turkey took to her Instagram page and shared, 'With the best chef ever with a Golden Heart. So happy to meet you. Thank you for making me feel special today,'' she captioned on Instagram.

Meriam is one of the country's favorite models. She kicked off her career by participating in local beauty pageants at the age of 10. She has grown a lot and has seen a tremendous increase in her success since then.

She recently reached 100 000 Instagram followers and she took to the platform to pen a sweet appreciation post to her followers for the tremendous support they have been showcasing to her on Instagram.

"I am thrilled to discover that I’ve reached the 300K followers milestone on Instagram! Thank you SO much to everyone who follows my account. 3 years ago I got Verified on Instagram and was Thankful to u guys It really means a lot to me. Many thanks too for all the congratulatory messages from around the globe! Although the journey was not easy, you all made it possible. Can’t hide my feeling anymore after watching such a tremendous amount of followers on Instagram. ❤️🥰 Love you all," she wrote.

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