Mega The Rap Superstar

SlaughterHouze artist is a creative

By  | Oct 15, 2020, 08:29 PM 

Mega is one of Namibia's most lethal MCs on the mic. He likens himself to Pablo Escobar the notorious drug lord. The rapper is skillful and multitalented. In his own league, he is making a killing.

When Namibians got introduced to him, they could not figure him out just yet. The rapper is currently experimenting with different genres especially with Amapiano and it is a marketing strategy that is working out very well for him. His biggest mentor in the industry right now is Dj Spuzza and was even featured on his hit song Soek Soek. If you want to be consist in the music business you have to be multitalented and Mega is super talented, he dances and can rap. His competitive edge is that he is comfortable on almost any type of beat whether it is a Kwaito or Hip-hop. 

He has a good ear for music and can fit in with most audiences, whether they are from the hood or super uptown in the suburbs, people seem to gravitate towards Mega's sound and personality. His career highlight for 2020 is that he signed under RTE Records, a new music label making waves in Namibia.

The future looks bright for the rap superstar.