Body With Maria Nepembe To Air In June

Watch her get her contestants body goals on NBC1

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Maria Nepembe 

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The reality TV show we have been waiting for to air is finally here! Since last year, we have been seeing fitness freak Maria Nepembe through her snaps on social media shooting her program, Body With Maria with NBC. We were promised that will it air in April but alas, nothing until now. Maria was asked by an eager fan on Twitter a couple of days ago as to when the program will air and her answer was soon. However, as of yesterday, we now have an indication as to when the program will air as the star posted a new advertisement of the show with a new date stamp.

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The fitness show is all about teaching self-love and spreading positivity. Body With Maria Nepembe is a fitness reality TV show. We have about 13 contestants; they all face elimination each week. All of this will be shown in 13 epic episodes. The show is hosted by Maria Nepembe who also co-directed some episodes.


Maria Nepembe is currently in the United Kingdom where she is pursuing her career in directing and cinematography. Her love for being behind the camera is not a new desire as she has, for years being directing music videos including Hang Over and Dolce and Gabbana. On working with the NBC crew on Body With Maria Nepembe, the model said she learned a lot and loved being on board. In an interview with, Maria Nepembe said she loved watching the show come to life as the contestants had been found and she had met them. They all showed dedication and commitment and they worked hard to achieve their body goals. 

“Every time a contestant achieves a little something in the gym, I was so proud, it wasn’t easy trust me, you will see when the show airs that, there were some emotions, sweat, and tears with lots of surprises,” she said. 

In the new advert, Maria Nepembe is seen guiding the troupes and encouraging them like the transformational leader she is. The contestants visibly were seen putting in the work and despite them looking bleak and wanting to give up, they continue with their struggle.

Body With Maria Nepembe will air in June on NBC 1.

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