Maria At War With An Instagram User

She was even slut-shamed by him

By  | Jul 09, 2021, 05:38 PM 

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An Instagram user who goes by the handle of @Alex.gottfried has come under fire for disrespecting TV actress Maria Nepembe. The actress is breathing fire after she was branded talentless and slut-shamed on Instagram by the user who publicly defamed her.

Things escalated to an unprecedented level after Maria shared a throwback video of her on set and said she misses making television. Her alleged bae, KP Illest, commented on the post and gave her flowers, saying, "Best actor in the gam.

The Instagram user seems to have ruffled Maria's feather with his comment that has since been deleted prompting Maria to clap back swiftly. Maria did not let it slide, and she donned her boxing gear to deal with the hater. "Short people are always angry," she said.

The Instagram user dragged her accusing her of having no talent. "Talentless people always think they have talent. Stop this celebrity complex syndrome," he commented.

Alex was harshly criticized for his remark, and he responded by saying he has nothing against Maria, but he's not impressed by her acting talent. He criticized her acting talent, claiming it’s poor.

"I have no hate for homegirl at all. In all sincerity, I wish her all the best, but the problem I have is this overhyping mentality yall have. I have watched anything she has acted in other than one ka Nigerian video and even in that her acting skills are so bad it was a crime to my eyes. I get that yall are besties and all but I will never be complacent with anything. If it's bad and if something doesn't need to be praised I will voice my opinion."
Instagram screenshot @Alex.gottfried

His friend seemingly commented on the post and has since deleted their comments. Maria said, "I know it's cute and fun when you're calling your friends to kikiki in your comments but when trouble comes you are alone.” Maria accused the Instagram user of deleting his comments but he said he did not and said he meant everything he said and it was Maria who deleted them.

The Instagram user even went as far as slut-shaming Maria by accusing her of being a hoe and sis was not impressed. She sent a stern warning to him for slut-shaming people.

Alex said he would end Maria's pathetic acting career and when asked what he meant when saying Maria had a night job he said.

Instagram screenshot @Alex.gottfried

Please stop asking me what I mean by night job and say it with your chest. Girl clearly you know hence you want me to say it, but I won't give you the satisfaction of saying it, lawsuits exist especially at the time of corona when business isn't going so well,"

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