Manxebe To Release Album In November

Album coming soon to you

By  | Nov 02, 2020, 10:23 AM 

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Kwaito artist Manxebe has revealed that he will be releasing his debut studio album come 30 November 2020. The album will be titled The Rebirth of Kwaito.

''My First Album name is THE ( Re-Birth of Kwaito). Dropping on the 30th November ! Get that N$150 ready to support the Re-Birth of Kwaito.'' he shared on Twitter.

As soon as Manxebe announced the release of his album, Hip-hop artist KP Illest encouraged his fans to support Manxebe and get the album once it is released, chances are he might be featured on the album too.

Manxebe has had a good year musically. He has released countless amounts of his hits, noticeably his biggesst song this year is Gusheshe and his Top Cheri featured song Omapendafule.

He is one of Namibia's most streamed artists averaging 100 000 streams on YouTube for most of his videos, videos of him uploaded on YouTube or for songs he is featured on in YouTube.

He is considered to be the new face of Namibian Kwaito and is making a killing combining his dance moves and his singing and rapping abilities. He is beloved for his mix of Oshiwambo, English and Afrikaans when he raps.

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