Manxebe Slams Legendary Namibian Artists

They won't say anything after this

By  | Jun 23, 2021, 09:30 AM 

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Local musician Manxebe is well known for starting the fire on social media and he does not mince his words when he takes a shot at fellow industry colleagues.

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The musician has hogged the headlines on numerous occasions with his scandals and some of them have contributed towards his fame. In his latest tweet, Manxebe took a swipe at legendary Namibian artists saying they are "selfish." He called them out for allegedly averting upcoming artists from shining in the industry.

"Welcome to Namibia where Some selfish Legendary Artists don't like upcoming to shine iikona yimwe oya pumbwa oku tulwa oholo montse man

Manxebe recently released his album titled Ghetto Love. The album featured TopCheri and they have been hard at work promoting it lately. The album received so much hype on social media after a picture of them sleeping together in a bed went viral on social media.

The snap fuelled romance rumors between them and fans were convinced that they have been having a secret affair. After topping the Twitter trends list for a couple of hours, they finally decided to set the record straight that they were shooting an album cover the album.

Manxebe is not the first artist to take a swipe at legendary artists. In 2020 Young T threw major shade at the Namibian Annual Music Awards, King Tee Dee, Sunny Boy, KP Illest, Dion from PDK, Exit, Sunny Boy, D Kandjafa. In a short clip of Young T rapping in-studio he called King Tee Dee ''Queen Tee Dee". "Queen Tee Dee he knows I am a f*cking rider'' he raps in the video.

He also challenged other musicians including KP Illest, D Kandjafa, Exit, and Sunny Boy saying he cannot be compared to them and said it is not a diss but the actual truth. ''Ya'll shoot take this for a shout out and not a diss." he raps.

In an interview with New Era, Kaboy also went on a rant exposing King Tee Dee for allegedly exploiting him. He was quoted saying, ’I thought he would be doing everything for me, including monetary support for the albums and groom me as an upcoming artist, but I haven’t spoken to him in a long time."

‘’People questioned why I haven’t worn any Mshasho merch in my recent music video but they don’t understand what happens behind closed doors,

He further added that King Tee Dee did not compensate him for some of his songs on his album Zama Boy and accused him of stealing his shows.

In a post on his Instagram account, he accused New Era of misquoting him and said he did not accuse King Tee Dee of neglecting his work.

"I was contacted by a journalist asking questions about my career. I told them about the help I got from Mshasho to record and publish my album. They went and used their own words in the newspaper. I did not accuse Mshasho or King Tee Dee of neglecting my work. I have gotten support and learned about the music business from Mshasho and we are still working according to our contract. I do not know where the stories are coming from. Please do not believe everything you read." he said.

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