Manxebe Lands Himself In Hot Water

Is he canceled?

By  | Jul 20, 2021, 11:44 AM 

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It seems some of Manxebe's followers have canceled him just as he was about to celebrate reaching a new milestone in his career.

Manxebe's excitement overreaching 10K Twitter followers probably ended in tears after he ruffled some major feathers. This is after he unfollowed numerous Twitter accounts, leaving only four that we can count using one hand.

His followers were offended by the fact that he follows four celebrities mainly his friends, and unfollowed him. Since he does not follow them back, they have been encouraging each other to unfollow him. Currently, he has less than 10k followers.

It did not sit well with some of his fans that he still follows artists such as TopCheri, Sunny Boy, Exit, and Emtee but the rest of the people he unfollowed them. There's no doubt that Exit dislikes some Namibian celebs and it's clear who is on his good side.

The musician has made headlines on numerous occasions for some of his biggest scandals, and some of them have contributed to his fame. In a recent tweet, Manxebe took a swipe at legendary Namibian artists, calling them "selfish." He accused them of preventing upcoming artists from securing a place in the industry.

"Welcome to Namibia where Some selfish Legendary Artists don't like upcoming to shine iikona yimwe oya pumbwa oku tulwa oholo montse man,โ€™ he tweeted.
Robyn Nakaambo also received backlash for not following anyone on her Instagram account last year. Her Twitter followers dragged her and even claimed that she was Namibia's "Queen B." The #RoybnMustFall hashtag gained traction on Twitter, with many people lashing out at her for her decision.

The Namibian Sun reported Nakaambo went to the police with the threads of those who had defamed her so they would apologize for their defamatory remarks.

โ€œI refuse to be a doormat for people who disregard peopleโ€™s feelings and stand firm in making an example of the cyberbullies in my recent predicament.

โ€œI collected all the threads of defamatory content written about me and presented it to the community police, who assisted me in contacting two culprits and asking them to publicly apologise for the false accusations they wrote about me." She told the publication.

In other news, Manxebe recently boasted about his accomplishments on his Instagram stories. He said he had owned two cars at the age of 21 years old, but instead of celebrating his success, he took a jab at him, "At least I had Lowkey owned two cars this year at the age of 21, so let the hustle continue," he wrote.

Then Kaboy posted an Instagram story claiming Manxebe talks too much. "I'm like a 2pack Not Zama Vadekweta they just Kamakili komoho he just press," He then posted another Instagram story shading him "Keep hustling to buy cars," followed by laugh emojis

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