Manxebe Is The New Face Of Kwaito

Representing the genre very well

By  | Oct 13, 2020, 07:30 AM 

Every music generation has a star that always shines bright, and for Kwaito in Namibia, one particular artist has made a name for himself. Manxebe is known for well choreographed dance moves and out of the ordinary punchlines and lyrics.

He is creative that has it all, the attitude, he is a dancer, a performer and a hit maker. The dancer turned musician is well suited for Namibia's entertainment industry. At a time when Namibians are tired of listening to Kwaito, Manxebe has renewed interest in the genre and more people are seeking his music.

He is the new face of Kwaito, among other Kwaito artists he has solidified his status as the best right now. He released his single Gushese and received a lot of praise and love from music lovers and his fans.

He already has another song he can brag about with Top Cheri titled Omapendafule. The song has great reception and is arguably one of the best song this year. One thing that sets Manxebe apart from his competition is that he has explosive energy and is passionate about the Kwaito industry.
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