Lioness Comes Guns Blazing At The Government

She is livid!

By  | May 21, 2021, 08:56 AM 

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Famed rapper Lioness is arguably one of the country's most outspoken celebrities and she is known for always speaking her mind. This time around she has come out guns blazing at the government.

Amid calls for the government to legalize homosexuality, abortion, and marijuana, rapper Lioness has taken to her Twitter account to vent out her frustrations about how the government is not tackling these burning issues swiftly.

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In the country, it is illegal to be homosexual and abortion remains illegal however several people have been calling on the government to decriminalize homosexuality and having an abortion.

In a tweet, Lioness revealed that the country does have opportunities to legalize these issues however they refuse to. She weighed in her two cents saying this is what the youth is calling for and the government must just start with legalizing one of the issues then the rest shall be legalized as well.

"Og Nam is so backward sometimes, we have opportunities to legalize marijuana, legalize abortion, legalize same-sex but everything is just no I mean damn!! Chose one and let’s start there! The future is the youth’s and this is what we want!!" she tweeted.

This is not the first time the doctor has called for abortion to be legalized in Namibia. Last year she took to her Twitter account to weigh in on the topic. This follows after Twitter users expressed their dissatisfaction with legalizing abortion saying it promotes killing an innocent soul.

In a series of tweets, Lioness said a sin starts with having sex, hence they should legalize abortion.

"I told my psychologist that y’all are triggering me!!! Because how can you b pro-women but are against women having the RIGHT t make decisions over their bodies? I’m not saying you must be pro-abortion I’m just asking what narrative are you actually pushing? Do you want freedom?"
she tweeted.

Lioness is a medical doctor who dabbles as an artist. The rapper recently fuelled engagement rumors after she took to her Instagram and posted two pictures of her and her partner looking smitten and fans noticed that she was wearing a sizzling ring on her finger.

She captioned the post "Happy new year to you M❤️💯." This got tongues wagging wildly on whether she is engaged. When NAlebrity reached out to her for a comment on whether she is engaged or not, the rapper simply said "no comment." Fans have however flooded the comment section with
congratulatory messages and wished her boyfriend a happy birthday.

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